Set your Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate Register Ringing with Targeted Landing Pages

No marketing fads. Realign your marketing stars your way.

Yeah, I’m talking about one of the most critical marketing aspects. Your Landing pages. Many of the marketers and business owners buckle under the pressure of sky high marketing objectives. Good enough for biggest marketing gaffes. Let’s search for a marketing medication.


Springboard of your new landing page design

An intelligently done landing page targets a particular audience, not anyone and everyone. It’s vital to build landing pages especially tailored to each of your marketing offers. Jump start your marketing bandwagon and begin offering them valuable content offers – ebooks, webinars, whitepapers, case studies, etc.

Increase ROI! – an acerbic sword hanging over the head of every inbound marketer including me. Don’t throw away your leads by sending over all the hard earned web traffic to your home page. Also, don’t use your ‘Contact Us’ page for lead capture. You’ll only end up enticing spams.

Spread your marketing bait for capturing your leads with uniquely targeted landing pages for a particular target audience. Let us learn the golden tips to craft an effective landing page.

As users’ online attention spans are fairly short, your marketing offer should be catchy yet easy to understand. Actually, it should pass the blink test. What’s that? Your visitor should be able to understand your marketing offer as s/he blinks his/her eye. It all starts with a GREAT Headline! A punchy yet simple and succinct headline is good enough to warm the cockles of your visitor’s heart. Done! Congrats! You’re off to an awesome start.


Kick your visitor-to-lead conversions a notch up!

Next is Landing page content. It should deliver value and clearly explain your visitor why s/he needs to complete the lead form to be able to download your content offer. It should be plain, keyword inclusive and well optimized.  Bold or italicize to stress on the key points of your offer. Include bullet lists. Proof read the content carefully as an error –laden page would undermine your credibility.


It’s time to make a GREAT Landing page!

Include Social Sharing buttons. The more visitors your page attracts, the more is the possibility of visitor-to-lead conversions!

Now that you’ve created a stimulating marketing offer and a targeted landing page for the same, you’d not wish to let your marketing efforts go to vain. Hidden navigation would do just that for you! Once your visitor is on your landing page, keep him/her hooked on by eliminating all navigation and landing pages of your website. Leave your visitor with the only option of filling up your lead form.

Let us now talk about another important component of an effective landing page – the lead form. What’s your goal here? That your visitor fills it up. Make sure that it appears above the fold and has a reasonable length. Don’t bug your visitor with too long a form. A short form with thoughtfully laid out fields fetches you high-quality leads.

Always, do A/B testing. Now you might be thinking – What on Earth does that mean? It implies that you must make two versions of the same landing page and keep testing different elements to find out which one works for you better.

Hope these suggestions would help you all my fellow marketers. I’d love to see you guys adding your tips to the same in the comment box.


6 responses to “Set your Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate Register Ringing with Targeted Landing Pages

  1. Hi Raina! Thanks for this article! I agree, Formatting, navigation, and attention to audience is so important!—Meg


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  3. You are spot on Raina. Without a well crafted landing page optimized for the specific buyer persona your marketing offer will go to waste. Yet, so few marketers take the time to create offer-specific landing pages. Thanks for your tip about hidden navigation.


  4. @Di-Di Hoffman: Thanks for appreciating my blog! Stay tuned for many more interesting marketing blogs.


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  6. Hi! I simply wish to offer you a huge thumbs up for your excellent information you have right here on this post.
    I am returning to your blog for more soon.


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