Set Boundaries for a Woman….A Narcissist’s favorite slogan

This one goes out to an acquaintance, who unfortunately suffers from Narcissism and refuses to admit the same like many others of his brigade.


I’m kind of a big deal!!

Set boundaries for women.  Oh really? Well, this is the most often heard statement from a male chauvinist, whose ego smacks of his rotten mentality and appalling behavior.  I pray that the Almighty helps him and many of his brothers suffering from such psychological disorder.

Not long ago the national capital “Delhi” was embroiling in a flurry of excitement, anxiety and sorrow after the barbaric gang rape that blotted the city forever. The nation stood in disbelief of such a heinous crime.  Lot of hue and cry and brouhaha took place. Many women empowerment groups and social activists grabbed this opportunity to pitch their opinions against male chauvinism, deeply embedded inside our patriarchal Indian society, which we are otherwise very proud of.

However raising the voice and queuing up for photographs to be telecasted on television are not the solutions to show these mentally ailing people the giant mirror of their arrogance. It’s no more the time for deadpan speeches.  Such male chauvinists should be strangulated and then made to realize that their time is up.

When the Almighty created human being on this living plant, little had he thought that the beauty of his creation in the form of man and woman would be scarred for ages. Such narcissists have posed socio-cultural problems in our society and are solely responsible for our society nose diving from boom to doom.


I’m a Narcissist, I love hurting others!!

Thinking that setting boundaries for women is their birth right, which they carry along straight from their mother’s womb is their grave mistake. Oh boy, wake up! It’s 21st century.  No woman is awaiting to be at the receiving end of your ego, haughty body language or arrogance, especially if she surpasses you in everything that you boast of.

Though it lays bare the core issue of societal disease, many of the species like my acquaintance are currently suffering from NPD – Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It’s high time for such psychologically ill patients to put a halt to their trait of overestimating their abilities and intense desire for persistent admiration and affirmation.

A piece of advice – stop navigating choppy waters. Women are now done with platitudes. They believe in action. So beware! Next one in Tihar can be you, if you don’t stop setting boundaries for women.


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