Online Surveys – A Great Feedback Mechanism to Improve your Marketing

You might be a celebrated marketing champion but sometimes even the best ones fail. You may find yourself on the wrong side of a tongue lashing every time your CMO views the marketing results and ROIs.

Icy pause.

Sitting in stony silence – What strategy to adopt next? How to keep retention numbers high? How to create new opportunities for growth?

Well, it’s time to resurrect your marketing arsenal with only the relevant digital channels that focus on building relationships with your target audiences. Online survey is one such strong marketing tool. 


Online Surveys – Great Feedback Mechanism

Now the question pops up – What marketing challenges are addressed by online surveys? To begin with, online surveys are strong feedback mechanisms that help you get better insights from your community. Besides, these help you in:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Internal Communications
  • Thought leadership
  • And most importantly, aligning the two arch enemies – sales and marketing teams within your organization.

A market research survey helps you in building your brand awareness and positioning your brand on the competitive landscape. Also, it helps you in creating your buyer personas and understanding the attitude and preferences of your customers w.r.t  to your competitors. However, only relying on survey results to draw inferences would be incorrect. These results need to be backed up with behavior-based analytics as this reflects the true data about your audience.


Marketing Research Survey – Analyze and position your brand better!

You can improve your marketing efforts by using online surveys. The survey details can help you improve your email marketing manifold as you can then focus on sending out the relevant emails to a particular buyer segment of your target audiences. Further, you can also leverage online surveys for improving the quality of your marketing messages. You evaluate your content strategy by directly asking your audiences about their preferences for your content pieces. Based on the feedback and subsequent analysis, you can tweak or overhaul your content strategy and devise a new road map for better inbound marketing results (since content creation forms the core of it!).

Event planning and success rate is another aspect, where online surveys can play a miraculous role. You can pass on the volley of questions head on to your target audiences about their preferences for the arrangement. The survey results would be a mirror to the aspirations of your event attendees. You can plan your event accordingly without much fuss. Surveys do play a crucial role even after the event is over. You can send out feedback surveys to all, who dropped by your event. This would help you analyze the success rate of your event and also help you filter the quality leads to follow up with.

Like blogs, online surveys can also help you tremendously in establishing your thought leadership in the industry. And, eventually generate more inbound leads and better marketing results. Based on the survey results and actionable steps, you can publish your data-driven report and establish your credibility as a thought influencer. This helps you drive more PR exposure and also tremendous business opportunities.

Next is the aspect of internal communications. Trust me on this one – an online survey is a terrific organizational tool that can help you get an early product feedback, plan company meetings and calculate Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Let me wrap up the post at this point! I will be talking more about the methodology and approach to launching online survey in the next post of this series. Until then, happy marketing!!!!


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