Roses as Gifts: Perfect choice for any or special moment(s)?

“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.”George William Curtis

So true.

Are you tired of sending or receiving same, boring fruitcakes, cookies or eggnog as birthday or anniversary, Valentine’s or farewell gifts? Think about a gift that you would love to have in your hand and has a complete, unique story to tell. A gift that is highly likely to bring a smile to every receiver’s face. Yes, you’re right! It’s flowers.

While most (almost all!) flowers are beautiful, the rose stands out owing to its immense beauty, varied colours, subtle fragrance and rich history. Roses add emotions to silent messages of love and covey the right meaning to the receivers by virtue of their varied colours.

So if you’re a sender, you need to be extra careful in choosing the colour since every colour of roses has a traditional meaning that speaks volumes about the emotions of the sender (that’s you!).

Read on to find the meaning of each colour of rose.

Red Roses

Love, Respect, Passion, Power 

Red roses signify true love and romance. Since time immemorial, red roses have been playing a significant role in conveying the sentiment of deep love, respect and passion and spicing up the relationship to an incredible extent. It’s a perfect gift to surprise your partner with a bouquet of red roses on any or every occasion – be it your first date or her birthday or wedding anniversary. The fact that their prices shoot up exponentially on the Valentine’s Day are a testimony to the value it offers to the senders and receivers, alike. Red roses are also a symbol of courage and power.

Yellow Roses

Friendship, joy, new beginnings 

Yellow roses are a symbol of platonic love devoid of romantic depth (simply put, friendship bundled with joy). From olden days, yellow ryellowoses have been used to cheer up people, express gratitude or convey the message of get well soon. Yellow roses are a perfect gift to send to new mothers or achievers congratulating them on their recent success or show your care and affection to your loved ones. Yellow roses also symbolise the grit to set up something new.

White Roses

Purity, Innocence, Spiritual love, Loyalty 

As we all know, white colour stands for peace, pristine purity and innocence. Hence, white roses symbolize chastity, spiritual love, innocence and virtues like unending loyalty. A bouquet of whitwhite rosese roses forms the bridal bouquet all across the world. These white rosessignify that the bride is ready to commit her undying love and loyalty to the groom. They are rightfully called as bridal/wedding roses. White roses are also looked upon as a mark of reverence.

Pink Roses

Beauty, Grace, Elegance 

Pink roses symbolize beauty, refinement, deep affection and grace. These roses have deep significance and can be commonly seen embellishing bridal arrangements. The sender pinkcan easily convey congratulations or admiration to the receiver though pink flowers. These also symbolize the heart-felt appreciation and respect from the sender to the receiver. These lovely roses also are a symbol of fun, sweetness, innocence, elegance and alacrity.

Orange Roses

Intense desire, Fascination, Energy 

Fiery orange roses symbolize different tones of meanings – fire of passion, intense desire, fascination and energy. These brilliant orange roses compete with red roses in infusing passion into romance. If you’re fascinated with someone and wish to express your feelings to him/her, orange flowers can serve as the best carriers of your intense desire for that loved one. You can also gift orange flowers to anyone admiring him/her on recent accomplishments.

Now that you know the true meaning of the different colours of roses, it’s time to choose the colour that is apt for the occasion and send over a lovely bouquet of those roses.


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