The 5 Coolest Apps for Organizing Your Business

With your day-to-day life stacked with countless tasks and big aspirations to be a forerunner in the corporate marathon, it’s paramount that your business stays organized. We’ve compiled for you a great list of apps that would help you streamline your business to unimaginable degrees.

Here are a few of them.


Springnote is an excellent notetaking and collaboration free web app. It offers a rich repository of features like 2 GB file storage, seamless linking, WYSIWYG editor, Open API, OpenID Authentication, XHTML, dashboard and notebook creation, page hierarchy system etc.

So if you ever have ideas springing up in your  mind, get started with building a notebook for organizing your thoughts, projects, or files using Springnote, your new buddy that brings you an easy and intuitive user experience.


If you want to schedule a meeting in a few simple clicks, Needtomeet is the right app for you. This free online meeting scheduling app offers you a user-friendly calendar interface that empowers you and your team to indicate your respective availabilities and pick a date and time that’s best for everyone.

This helpful app can be used by even the non-techies with great ease to schedule once-off or recurring meetings. It provides you with neatly formatted email options with links. So no more writing emails, no more prodding your phones. Use Needtomeet and get your colleagues’ availability at a glance – with no fuss.

An award-winning app (Webware 100 Editors’ Choice award), keeps your employees connected and boosts the team’s productivity considerably. This extremely lightweight micro-blogging platform enables your team members to post their status updates, communicate with each other (privately or in the public feed), share ideas and files etc – all in real time.

An enterprise collaboration and communication solution, gives your team the freedom to connect in secure software playfield. Get started with right away!


A time tracking and online invoicing app, Harvest organizes your business by easily creating project estimates and budgets, tracking time, generating invoices  (both  online and print) and print) and richly formatted visual reports – all from a simple user interface.

You can have a compelling glance at the allocation of your organization’s resources through pictorial depictions in visual reports created by this app. Harvest tracks the number of billable hours by its gorgeous flip clock, and thus it helps you bill your clients online with great ease and collect the payments quickly and safely. You can also upload the pictures of the receipts so as to maintain your records.


If you suffer from lousy memory and often forget to attend some significant tasks on your platter, then HassleMe is apt for you. You can use it as your personal nag that would give you the much needed dose of swift kicks in the form of frequent but friendly reminders.

Keeping you always on your toes, HassleMe enables you to set up the type and frequency of reminders. This free app is quite easy to use that nags you at random times via email.

Here is my list of 5 great, must-have apps to organize and optimize your business. Got your favourites? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.


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