After You, Next One to go Social…Weather?

I despise the weather that Delhi/NCR is donning these days. I’m its poor victim. Yearning for the day, when I’d get rid of this prolonged cold & coughattack that I caught almost a fortnight back.

Social Weather: Do you wanna be friends with?

Weather is one of the most downloaded mobile application category. It is indeed one of the most prominent social topics today. Poor weather! Like cricket, it’s also subjected to the disaster of garnering anyone’s and everyone’s opinion and predictions about it. Gone are the days, when we were couch potatoes sitting in front of the giant TV screens with our eyes quite wide open only to know the weather forecasts on varied traditional news channels.

Times changed, and so did the avenues to gather news bits about weather-related events. Thanks to real-time weather source, Metwit. It’s a great destination to know all about Weather, which has now gone ‘Social’.

Curious to know about ‘Social Weather?’ Well, it’s our new emotional companion.  It’s the result of three-month long start-up acceleration program by one of the key members of the Techstars network–SeedStartup. This exciting iPhone application is as dynamic as today’s weather conditions. The beta website is also up and running. To top it all, it’s undergoing the continual process of evolution. You and I can post, tag or share the weather information, which instantly gets broadcasted on Google Maps through text and funny icon sets. Social weather gives you the freedom of personalizing your own weather expression. It helps you showcase your weather personality. And, it’s dearly emotional.

Social weather has given weather a complete overhaul. Weather is now more exhilarating and relevant. Through Metwit, social weather now brings together all like-minded weather aficionados on a common platform. You can share exciting information about the locations you love. Inclusive of rich social media plug-ins and features, Metwit is certainly a fun weather destination to be at. It’s a perfect resource to satiate your weather-related queries, and flaunt your weather expression.

So, it’s time for you to shake hands with this new companion & yeah, don’t forget to carry your raincoat if Metwit has warned you. After all, it’s your reliable weather companion.


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