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Open Source: Hype or Hope?


It’s no secret that a paradigm shift from early-adopter novelties to mainstream essentials has taken place on the technology landscape over the past few years. Still there are many traditional tech stalwarts out there who aren’t leveraging the Open Source. So when technology evolves at a faster pace than your company, you run the risk of going extinct. If you’re yet to embrace it, the time to dive into the brave new world of Open Source is now.

Essays by O’Reilly and Searls clearly underline how Open Source  is continuously impacting the technology landscape (but for better!). These informative pieces also emphasize the growing need of adding context to Open Source so that it continues to evolve and positively influence the technology landscape.


Developers are the New King Makers

One key point to highlight here is that Open Source has empowered developers to an incredible degree. It has opened the doors for them to numerous software projects, absolutely free of cost besides giving them the power of controlling the code, applications and complete underlying infrastructure, like never before. The future of the Information and Technology industry gyrates around empowered and agile developers (major credit to Open Source there!). Employers that will recognize the developers’ empowerment and their growing prominence are highly likely to have an edge over those that don’t. It’s a new reality!

Stephen O’Grady, Co-founder of RedMonk

Stephen O’Grady, Co-founder of RedMonk

Stephen O’Grady rightly says this:

“Developers are now the real decision makers in technology. Learning how to best negotiate with these New Kingmakers, therefore, could mean the difference between success and failure.”

Right Pick for Your Business

Today, we’re at the cusp of BIG changes on the technology landscape, where mega-trends are changing the way companies do software development. If you own a small business, you’re often cost conscious while aiming to deliver value through your software. Open Source is the perfect pick for you in that case – quite literally, it’s 100% free of cost – all inclusive of accounting software, email servers, operating systems and lots more.

Open source is easy to use and backed up with a solid code, ensured by multiple individuals working on the software. For example, Linux has nearly 10,000 contributors. Its documentation is easily available and there are plenty of guides and literature available on Open Source on the Internet. You can also customize it to match your needs and gain that much needed competitive advantage.

Here are a few best Open Source Software:

More a Social Activity Now

Contributing to open source software is now increasingly becoming a social behavior. This social media activity (Search + Social Media = Social Development) promotes increased transparency, productivity and a brand new style of software collaboration.



If you and your organization are mulling over the plans of joining the army of the increasing number of empowered social developers, now is the time to start. Get started with Open Source today!