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No or Incorrect Buyer Personas = Failed Marketing. Really?

Marketing Segmentation

You already know it. Powered by the interactive technologies, the buying process has completely changed and the power has shifted toward the buyer.  The marketer-centric, one-way marketing tactics that focus on pushing out mute marketing messages in the face of the potential customers are increasingly becoming ineffective and more expensive.

The rules have changed. Those of us, who are still confused about the path ahead, it’s time to bid adieu to the “four P’s” of our traditional marketing education and unlearn what marketing tactics used to work a decade or two ago. The modern marketing and sales gyrate only around your Buyer. He’s the hero of the story. No brainer there!

Buyer persona is therefore the key to transform your vague marketing into valuable marketing.

Love this tweet by:

Buyer personas form an indispensable part of the inbound marketing strategy. Without the complete understanding of your buyer persona, marketing team can never create remarkable and tailored content for the buyers in the different stages of the buying process. Basically, the non-existence or buyer personas or the use of an incorrect persona (if at all it’s there) leads to a plothole (as rightly mentioned in the tweet above). And with such a plothole, it’s hard to imagine favorable marketing outcomes.

How no or incorrect buyer personas equal doomed marketing?

  • No/Wrong Buyer personas = Failed Content Strategy

Marketing isn’t art but science. Its success is more rooted in logic than luck. By now, most organizations are convinced about the power of content in marketing today but it still is a top challenge for many marketers. In dearth of documented buyer personas or incorrect buyer personas in place, creating useful and engaging content can be daunting.

These correct personas (entailing the demographics, goals, behavior patterns, motivations, challenges, etc.) and buyer’s journey both are critical tools to ensure that the content produced is relevant to them in their roles and considering the stage of the buying process they’re in. This indeed is a great reason to invest time, resources and effort into researching, identifying patterns and creating compelling personal stories.

One important thing to note here is that if not enough time in invested into creating the buyer persons, this can wreak havoc in the form of incorrect or incomplete profile stories (that are not based on actual data but incorrect assumptions) that can lead to a faulty content strategy.

As per The Changing Face of B2B Marketing study published by Google and Millward Brown Digital in 2015, almost half of all B2B researchers are millennials. Hence, it becomes imperative to give them the content to this young brigade of online researchers where and only when they need it. And, not at the convenience of the marketers. This can only happen when the content developers and marketers have a thorough understanding of their buyer personas.

After spending a decade in the marketing industry and interacting with fellow marketers working at other companies, I find that not many organizations are enthusiastic or are investing in this extremely important exercise. Even after having a full-fledged content team, many companies are still juggling to produce relevant content for their target audience.

Only product-centric collaterals and approach to help sales teams in selling the product at the first few customer interactions are the recipes to disaster. Such marketing is bound to get doomed. Isn’t it?

  •  No/Incorrect Buyer personas = Marketing & Sales Teams Disharmony

One of the most common myths is that creating and consuming buyer personas holds significance only for the marketing team. Only creating buyer persona won’t suffice for the marketing success. Using it across the complete funnel strategy and getting the sales team onboard for using it as soon as you have created can work wonders for your business goals.

Many businesses still face the age old challenge of their marketing and sales teams not getting along, and hence fail to drive meaningful results. In such a scenario, something that can truly drive a successful relationship between the two departments is the buyer persona. The marketing team should be completely aware to whom they’re marketing and the sales department must know to whom they’re selling their products. Only when the two teams are on the same page on this crucial component of the business strategy, can the two teams collaborate meaningfully to drive results that matter.

However, not many organizations take this methodical approach and dive straight into executing the marketing campaigns (focusing on spray and pray approach – email blasts, buying databases, etc.) to support sales teams in their crazy, deals-closing spree. Hence we often get to hear about the huge volumes of irrelevant leads getting passed on to the sales teams by the marketing team. As a result, very often, friction surfaces between the two teams, and there begins the blame game, which is not good for the business as a whole.

  •  No/Incorrect Buyer personas = Poor Targeting

Poor targeting is one of the marketing’s deadly sins.

Segmenting your database is critical to sending tailored messages to your contacts. Though it seems like a tough exercise that involves taking into account too many variables, this is one area that buyer personas can easily simplify. These detailed profile stories offer cues as to what, when and how the messages should be sent to the database. Each persona has a different behavior pattern, the language they use and varied goals and challenges. Hence, each communication should be dealt differently.

If you don’t have that buyer personas developed or have an incorrect one, you fall prey to sending everyone the same thing. Thousands of marketers today do these repeated email blasts, hoping the message would resonate with at least some of them and that they would buy the product. And, the amount of time, resources and effort you put into this interruptive marketing can be counterproductive with your contacts getting annoyed and taking a decision never to engage with your brand.

It’s time to bring it all together with the Buyer Personas

Let’s aspire to be good marketers – marketers who understand their customers and needs. Let’s avoid the hard-sell approach and be helpful to them. Let’s take all the time it needs to build great personas and regularly update as these can change our marketing game – redefine our content and email strategy, the educational topics we can write on and solve their challenges through our remarkable content. If done right, it’s a win-win for everyone within the organization.


2014 Rings in. Best Apps to help you keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year to all!

It’s 2014 in India and many other places on the “other side” of the International Date Line.

As the New Day and New Year dawn around the world, it’s time for all desk-bound keyboard-toilers (including me!), to draw up our list of resolutions that will make 2014 our best year ever.

I know, I know… we’re terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Shocker! For years in a row, only a few resolutions on the entire list barely last for more than a week. Let’s embrace technology to hold our resolutions together longer. Here are some quick-hit resolutions and cool apps that we can check off in 2014:

Keep the Weight Off

Eat wise, drop a size. All diet plans, nutritionist’s advice boil down to the same weigh-loss-new-year-resolutionsthing: Eat right and exercise well. Meet only your real calorific needs. Check your calories intake and burn out rate. So here are a couple of the obligatory weight loss apps of the bunch – Lose It! from FitNow (free for iOS and Android; for more granularity, “premium” extras available for $40/year), Eat This, Not That! (free app) and Calorie Counter  from MyNetDiary ($3.99).

# Get Organized 

There ought to be a place for everything, and everything in its place since it saves you ideas and time to boost your productivity. Try out these apps for get-organized-apps-evernoteorganizing your day-to-day life better – Evernote (an easy-to-use, free app that allows you to take notes, save photos, make to-do lists, record voice reminders – everything on the go; available on iOSAndroidBlackberry). Another app is Things. Available on the Mac App store, Things is an easy-to-use task manager that segments your projects into different milestones, lets you schedule the tasks and puts forth the checklist of the top priority tasks. Things syncs across all your Apple devices and helps you become more efficient as you keep accomplish your goals that come more naturally – one to-do at a time.

Scale Greater Career Heights

Your job sucks. So does your boss. Fret not! 2014 might be a turning point in career-job-hunt-appsyour career. Here’s the savior app – Job Search by Indeed. This is a free app available on iOS and Android. As a highest rated tool on Apple’s and Google’s app stores, Job Search helps you scour through its 15 millions+ job database, and helps you meet potential employers in just a few taps on your smartphone screen. You can sort the jobs by relevance or date, GPS-related location, etc. You can also personalize your account to display only the jobs from your preferred employers or companies.

# Manage your Finances

Get your personal finances in order. Mint’s the best app, hands down! Available Finance appsfor free on iOS and Android, Mint is an award-winning finance app with rave reviews on the App stores. Considered as the finest budgeting app, Mint allows you to budget, monitor and manage your money from a single interface. You can open an account and link it to your bank, credit, loan and retirement accounts. This app will then auto-categorize transactions) and then auto-collate all information in easy-to-digest graphical representations. It’s indeed a safe and reliable tool to keep your personal finances organized.

I know sticking to these goals can be hard to accomplish but hopefully your iOS, Android or tablet will empower you this year to keep these New Year resolutions. With this information handy, it’s time to mentally gird yourself to keep the New Year Resolutions in 2014.  I’d love to hear your New Year resolutions in the comments box below.

I wish you all a blissful year ahead.

Buying Habits in the Consumer Tech Space: Men Vs. Women

You talk about the consumer tech space, and countless stories around the buying habits start doing the rounds. The stories get spicier when you compare the buying habits of men and women.

Women turning more tech-crazy species

Lots of speculations, lots of myths! It’s time to dispel those myths and debunk the stereotypes. The next statement might raise your eyebrows but the latest study highlights on the new side of the picture.

Women have developed a stronger affinity for technology than men. Shocking? But true! Tablets, smartphones and laptops form the top layer of the most popular consumer electronics. Guess what? Women are found to be more likely to buy these as compared to men.

The latest study conducted reveals this astonishing transformation in the buying habits in the consumer tech space.

Percentage preference towards technology: Men vs. Women

Technology item












Flat screen LCD TVs



The above statistics clearly reflect a paradigm shift in the technology purchase decisions; however, ease of use apparently seems to be the most important determinant in making such decisions.

Women are now more inclined towards latest gadgets. What’s more interesting about this piece of information is that after the purchase decision, a woman has been observed to be overly engrossed in exploring their devices and performing all digital media activities as compared to the male counterparts. On probing deeper into this, the most important reason for this shift is the natural, inherent communicative and interactive nature of the female species. So, this latest gizmo entertainment has further fueled this passion.

If you take a glance at the consumer electronics products sale of the last year, you’d find that 88% women purchased technology products, whereas only 83% men did so. Also, the latest online social and mobile gaming trends reflect women participating more than men.

Well, these changing trends certainly dispel the myth that women are technology-weak species. Do you agree?

Get Introduced to Next-Gen Talent Hunt: Mobile Recruiting

Next-generation talen hunt tool

Your mobile is now not just a communication piece. It has shrunken the world inside your pocket. It has evolved into ‘entertainment device’ and most recently into a recruitment device.

For the last few years, the HR corner was abuzz with social media recruitment technique. The latest entrant into the realm of head hunting but yet to carve a niche for itself is—mobile recruiting.

Most of the head hunters around the globe are in dearth of the knowledge of the latest trend—the way job seekers use their mobile phones. This leads to their seemingly rapt ignorance about the ways they can use these interactive mobile technologies to get access to the best talent available in the industry.

Mobile recruiting: Talent On the Go!!

Only a handful of businesses like Hewitt Associates and at&t have stepped into this domain, and use technologies like applications and mobile sites to hire top talent. But this new recruitment method is yet to enter the mainstream.

In my opinion, mobile recruiting has the potential to give a much needed overhaul to the traditional model of recruiting talent, used by companies until now. I recommend it strongly. In fact, it should be included as an important component of every organization’s recruiting strategy.

Mobile recruitment: Cool recruitment method

For those of you my readers, who are not aware as to what mobile recruiting is, it’s a way to reach out to potential job seekers on their mobile devices.

Let me unravel for you the benefits of using mobile technologies for accessing new talent.

Mobile is immediate, private and convenient. Agreed? So, what easier way to contact them than the most commonly used device by job seekers.

You can use mobile recruiting in two different ways. Let’s see HOW.

Mobile recruiting boosts employee recruiting process

You can get started with using mobile or your hand-held device as a medium to entice and engage the potential talent. You can deploy the channels of text messaging for sending job alerts, QR codes etc. However, what needs to be ensured here is that the relevant content reaches the qualified target audiences only.

Mobile recruiting: Yet to enter the mainstream recruitment arena

There’s another way in which mobile recruiting can be used by recruiters. The employers can use this for putting in synergy the management of work and productivity levels. This encompasses finding, sorting out, organizing and processing resumes of candidates or entering an ATS from mobile devices.

If you’re a iPhone user, you can use some of the COOL iPhone apps for mobile recruiting like LinkedIn upgraded app, The Interviewer, AutoSearch mobile app, Tweetie 2 etc.

So what are you waiting for? For next set of job openings at your office, resort to this stylish recruitment method—Mobile recruiting.

Google Beware! Here comes Siri…..

Apple’s voice assistant Siri, an exclusive feature of iPhone 4

It’s not Apple’s first foray into the voice-activated controls and speech-recognition realm, yet the best attempt so far. It seems so.

For those of you who are clueless about Siri, it’s time to get introduced to speech-recognition “personal assistant” , inbuilt in Apple iPhone 4S smartphones, unveiled last month. Don’t get mistaken for Siri isn’t an app. So, you can’t download it in a click from any App store. Nor is it any icon on the menu which you can tap on your iPhone.

Siri: All set to steal Internet searchers from Google

Siri is a speech-recognition computer software. It’s your new friend right in your pocket, who can speak to you or who you can speak to. It has already succeeded in capturing the eyeballs of tech watchers.

But why does Google need to be alert? Can Siri eat into Google like a Moth? Or is the media simply yammering about this young virtual assistant at full blow? Is Siri free of all backlashes?

Well, just like everything Siri too isn’t perfect but can be a great game changer. At least, for Google, that considers Siri as a completely novel approach to search technology and even the biggest threat to Google search control.

What cements this suspicion? The usage of Siri has been 10 times more than what even Apple had expected.

Siri, a voice-controlled virtual personal assistant, based on artificial intelligence.

One of the experts, Morgenthaler, is of the opinion that even one right answer from Siri holds more significance than a million search links from Google. And, if it starts getting more and more used to bypass search then Google can be in deep trouble.

Siri sets Google blindsided

With its beta version out, Siri tech titans are already busy supplementing its artificial-intelligence knowledge base with varied streams of user data. Siri is on a roll, guys!

Some have even gone to the extent of pitching their anticipation that Siri will successfully ape human beings in performing tasks in another couple of years. The real twist of the game would be if the Big Daddy Apple opens its API to third-party developers.

The new speech engine, Siri, certainly has a clear technological edge.

If this happens, I repeat if this happens, Android is most likely to suddenly disappear from the race. Why? The answer is obvious. In dearth of apt response to artificial intelligence competence, Google can bite the dust since mass developer mobilization to Apple can be witnessed as this brain child of Sir Steve Jobs focuses on developing some ‘out-of-the-box’, cool apps.

Apple vs. Google..Who will win?

You don’t need to speak like a robot as you do on Google since Siri permits  natural language interaction and applies logic. And, the users get the treat of human-like experiences and engagement level. Not only does it provide you with a blue link, but also navigates you to transactions, which you need to confirm. And, it’s done! It, therefore, saves your lot of time and effort.

It’s the future of search.

Hey all you techie friends, do let me know your insights on this.

Why Should you Upgrade to iOS 5?

Do you love Apple products? Are you an iPhone/iPod/iPad fanatic? Do you know what’s the latest iOS news doing the rounds?

Apple products: groundbreaking computing and technology inventions

Well, it’s time for me to give you a wake-up call or rather a shake-up call that iOS 5 has stepped into the big battleground of operating systems, and is now available for you guys. Huge multitudes of passionate iOS 5 freaks have already outpaced you in downloading and updated their devices to the recent entrant in operating systems war, iOS 5. But then some questions must have popped up in your mind by now—‘Why should I upgrade to iOS 5?’ ‘What’s so good about it?’ ‘What outstanding features does it have?’ 

iOS 5: Exceptionally polished & equipped with glaring features

It’s time to take a tour of some  of its upgrade worthy features.

Notifications. This feature is undoubtedly the most prominent visual change that iPhone freaks had been craving for until now. Apple has, however, integrated this concept its own way. This new feature is especially more enticing since the apps can refine what and how to show you on the screen. I bet the users are going to love the notification access to a wide array of interesting widgets like weather and stock tickers.

Next amazing feature is iMessage. Though it’s not any new story on the board, the fascinating angle to it is that it functions across all iOS devices, over 100 million units sold until now. Aren’t these humongous numbers? Using this new feature, you can easily send across text messages to your friends or groups using any iOS device you possess, iPod or iPhone or iPad? Trust me, it’s going be a new and delightful communication experience for you altogether.

Twitter integration with iOS 5 makes share your activities via a Tweet extremely easy.

And now the bandwagon that almost each one of us has jumped on to. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Twitter. The new iOS 5 has Twitter integrated into the system that has a big repository of features like camera roll, maps etc. Now if you wish to share a photograph with your friend, you need to prod that image and tap on to it to tweet the same. And, you’re DONE!

Let me touch the topic that would interest you to the hilt. We’re always looking out for opportunities to reconnect with our school/college days friends; friends we loved hanging out with and sharing our day-to-day experiences with. The exciting app released by Apple, Find My Friends, needs iOS to function, and lets you share your status and location updates with your buddies. Isn’t it cool?

iCloud: A marquee feature of iOS 5

Another captivating feature that deserves your attention is iCloud that lets you use an iOS device without any need of Mac, and maintain a repository or backup of  photos, documents and other app settings.

Well, these are some of the ones that I’ve liked. Welcome your comments, insights and experiences of using the new features of iOS 5 once you try them out.

Until then keep eating Apple, a lovely gift from Sir Steve Jobs to all of us!