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Interactive Social Mobile Gaming: The New Revenue Model to Capture Mass Market

What a year 2010 was! It can rightly be commemorated as the year that witnessed a tectonic shift from the landscape of video gaming  to social mobile gaming. The rapid and continued growth of iOS, Android, GPS and 3G-enabled mobile devices has not only enticed huge multitudes of existing game players active on varied social networking platforms, but also seeded a new set of audiences, which is a potential mass market of casual mobile game players.

Smartphones: Transformed the way we use communication technology

Live & interactive social mobile gaming has received an over whelming response from the consumers, and surfaced as a new revenue model that is being leveraged by some of the key players in the market today. This new revenue model entailing offerings of domestic and foreign players and giving them the ease of playing against each other, communicating, viewing and saving the scores has a direct impact on the ongoing developments in the industry and future expansion plans.

Even Big Daddies like Google and Yahoo have already taken a plunge into this field. Google has even bought the mobile social game developer SocialDeck. Its games like Shake & Spell, Color Connect and Pet Hero were downloaded close to a million times in 2009.

Two of the key reasons that account for the boom of live & interactive social mobile gaming is that it has smaller entry barriers and that the advanced mobile devices launched in the market have faster processors that trigger quicker response time, three-dimensional graphics and sophisticated sound capabilities. One of the surveys conducted by The Multimedia Research Consultancy’s (TMRC) on mobile social gaming unravels the fact that iPhone is a leader in the league of players in the mobile games industry, being followed by Android mobile devices.

Mobile gaming: a multi-billion dollar industry

The geographic footprint of iPhones and Android mobile devices unleashes the fact that the largest segment of users that plays mobile social games hails from developed economies like North America and Europe. The percentage of users from Asia is gaining momentum steadily.

Having talked about the current boom of live & interactive social mobile gaming, it’s time to contemplate about its future prospects. Cross-platform play is most probably there in the future, where interactive and compatible social mobile games would be devised for multiple mobile devices. For example, Zynga has already developed games like Mafia Wars using HTML 5 for varied mobile devices. Many more such examples are likely to pop up in the future.

From nothing to becoming one of the most prominent market segments, social mobile gaming has offered the users with a plethora of gaming options; however, it’s on the verge of facing a potential threat in the form of downloading the pirated content. One of the surveys conducted by a reputed magazine has brought forth some shocking information such as number of users playing interactive social mobile games in last one year getting quadrupled with number of downloads of new games staying constant. And that around 40% of the mobile games played are the ones that are pre-loaded in the mobile devices at the time of purchase.

Though some prime players have come up with some solutions to combat this threat; one of them being putting into action a

Social mobile gaming: Multilevel, multiplayer games now a rage

subscription system. However, the limitation to deploy such a solution is that the mobile games need to be evolved to a greater degree for capturing more and more audiences implying more development needs and more developers and hence, augmented development costs.

The whole league of social mobile game producers is busy hunting for ways to put a halt to these illegitimate downloading practices. Let’s see when they find success in accomplishing this objective.

Having spoken about the threat, we cannot evade from our prediction that interactive social mobile gaming is here to stay as there is not even the slightest of doubts that number of mobile users would rise with time worldwide and so there would be seen a proportionate increase in the number of mobile game players. This in turn would lure the mobile game developers for huge revenues on their investments thereby give rise to the number of social mobile game developing companies, globally.

So, it’s time to watch out for some more interactive social mobile games coming our way!

Mobile Gaming in 2011: What is it like?

“The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That’s the general rule.”~Nick Johnson

Mobile games are the most downloaded app category across most application stores.

Only technology can cure technology addiction. Tablet use explosion and the smartphone Arena witnessing War of the Giants have overhauled the entire mobile device ecosystem. Every player in this domain is hunting for that “out-of-the-box approach” that may give it the power to control this game. And all this is built on the foundation of the fact that  we, the consumers, are addicted to gadgets, better to call them ‘entertainment devices.’

According to a research conducted by Ipsos/OTX on mobile consumers, consumers across the globe have developed intimate relationships with their mobile phones. Our mobile devices are now our new lovers!

Web surfing, social networking, mobile gaming & what not! Trust me on this one—social mobile gaming creates impulsive consumption. Who can miss out an opportunity to sit in his friend circle and play ‘Final Fantasy?’ The mobile web is mushroomed with thrilling games today.

Last year was indeed a fantastic one. Transition from the video gaming to social mobile gaming took us all by surprise, and was driven

Smartphones, new addiction for the current generation

by consumer behavior. Factors like users’ craving for multiplayer and social features, word-of-mouth being the key driver for game downloads etc. have anchored the feet of mobile gaming firmly in the market. All credit to the launch of latest Smartphones (iOS & Android), iPhones, GPS and other 3G-enabled mobile devices by companies like Sony, Nokia, Microsoft, Apple etc!

Now let us take a tour of how mobile gaming has fared in 2011 so far. The report Dataquest Insight: The Outlook for Mobile Gaming’ predicted that the mobile gaming market global revenues might hit $6.3 billion in 2011. As mobile gaming offers good value for money, no wonders there has been witnessed an exponential increase in social mobile gaming in the current year. Today, smartphone users spend over 30% more on media and entertainment content as compared to their peers.

As you all know Asia/Pacific is the biggest market for mobile gaming by virtue of greater mobile devices penetration rate, the revenues are likely to be $3.4 billion in next three years. And, the revenues are likely to be $862 million by the end of the current year. Similarly, the revenues are forecasted to hit the mark of $1.2 billion. As you and we participate to increase the mobile user base, the mobile business is expected to hit a CAGR of approximately 74% in next three years.

You must be viewing 3G mobile service advertisements on the television these days. Well, these services are expected to steer the growth of mobile gaming in the business. Next after the PC games would be these 3G services. As a result, there might be a dramatic increase in the number of 3G mobile handset sales, which can cross the mark of 16 million in 2011.

Well, let’s hope that the mobile gaming industry continues to boom and give us all the ultimate fun of playing exciting games on our mobiles!