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Buying Habits in the Consumer Tech Space: Men Vs. Women

You talk about the consumer tech space, and countless stories around the buying habits start doing the rounds. The stories get spicier when you compare the buying habits of men and women.

Women turning more tech-crazy species

Lots of speculations, lots of myths! It’s time to dispel those myths and debunk the stereotypes. The next statement might raise your eyebrows but the latest study highlights on the new side of the picture.

Women have developed a stronger affinity for technology than men. Shocking? But true! Tablets, smartphones and laptops form the top layer of the most popular consumer electronics. Guess what? Women are found to be more likely to buy these as compared to men.

The latest study conducted reveals this astonishing transformation in the buying habits in the consumer tech space.

Percentage preference towards technology: Men vs. Women

Technology item












Flat screen LCD TVs



The above statistics clearly reflect a paradigm shift in the technology purchase decisions; however, ease of use apparently seems to be the most important determinant in making such decisions.

Women are now more inclined towards latest gadgets. What’s more interesting about this piece of information is that after the purchase decision, a woman has been observed to be overly engrossed in exploring their devices and performing all digital media activities as compared to the male counterparts. On probing deeper into this, the most important reason for this shift is the natural, inherent communicative and interactive nature of the female species. So, this latest gizmo entertainment has further fueled this passion.

If you take a glance at the consumer electronics products sale of the last year, you’d find that 88% women purchased technology products, whereas only 83% men did so. Also, the latest online social and mobile gaming trends reflect women participating more than men.

Well, these changing trends certainly dispel the myth that women are technology-weak species. Do you agree?


Why Should you Upgrade to iOS 5?

Do you love Apple products? Are you an iPhone/iPod/iPad fanatic? Do you know what’s the latest iOS news doing the rounds?

Apple products: groundbreaking computing and technology inventions

Well, it’s time for me to give you a wake-up call or rather a shake-up call that iOS 5 has stepped into the big battleground of operating systems, and is now available for you guys. Huge multitudes of passionate iOS 5 freaks have already outpaced you in downloading and updated their devices to the recent entrant in operating systems war, iOS 5. But then some questions must have popped up in your mind by now—‘Why should I upgrade to iOS 5?’ ‘What’s so good about it?’ ‘What outstanding features does it have?’ 

iOS 5: Exceptionally polished & equipped with glaring features

It’s time to take a tour of some  of its upgrade worthy features.

Notifications. This feature is undoubtedly the most prominent visual change that iPhone freaks had been craving for until now. Apple has, however, integrated this concept its own way. This new feature is especially more enticing since the apps can refine what and how to show you on the screen. I bet the users are going to love the notification access to a wide array of interesting widgets like weather and stock tickers.

Next amazing feature is iMessage. Though it’s not any new story on the board, the fascinating angle to it is that it functions across all iOS devices, over 100 million units sold until now. Aren’t these humongous numbers? Using this new feature, you can easily send across text messages to your friends or groups using any iOS device you possess, iPod or iPhone or iPad? Trust me, it’s going be a new and delightful communication experience for you altogether.

Twitter integration with iOS 5 makes share your activities via a Tweet extremely easy.

And now the bandwagon that almost each one of us has jumped on to. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Twitter. The new iOS 5 has Twitter integrated into the system that has a big repository of features like camera roll, maps etc. Now if you wish to share a photograph with your friend, you need to prod that image and tap on to it to tweet the same. And, you’re DONE!

Let me touch the topic that would interest you to the hilt. We’re always looking out for opportunities to reconnect with our school/college days friends; friends we loved hanging out with and sharing our day-to-day experiences with. The exciting app released by Apple, Find My Friends, needs iOS to function, and lets you share your status and location updates with your buddies. Isn’t it cool?

iCloud: A marquee feature of iOS 5

Another captivating feature that deserves your attention is iCloud that lets you use an iOS device without any need of Mac, and maintain a repository or backup of  photos, documents and other app settings.

Well, these are some of the ones that I’ve liked. Welcome your comments, insights and experiences of using the new features of iOS 5 once you try them out.

Until then keep eating Apple, a lovely gift from Sir Steve Jobs to all of us!