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Get Introduced to Next-Gen Talent Hunt: Mobile Recruiting

Next-generation talen hunt tool

Your mobile is now not just a communication piece. It has shrunken the world inside your pocket. It has evolved into ‘entertainment device’ and most recently into a recruitment device.

For the last few years, the HR corner was abuzz with social media recruitment technique. The latest entrant into the realm of head hunting but yet to carve a niche for itself is—mobile recruiting.

Most of the head hunters around the globe are in dearth of the knowledge of the latest trend—the way job seekers use their mobile phones. This leads to their seemingly rapt ignorance about the ways they can use these interactive mobile technologies to get access to the best talent available in the industry.

Mobile recruiting: Talent On the Go!!

Only a handful of businesses like Hewitt Associates and at&t have stepped into this domain, and use technologies like applications and mobile sites to hire top talent. But this new recruitment method is yet to enter the mainstream.

In my opinion, mobile recruiting has the potential to give a much needed overhaul to the traditional model of recruiting talent, used by companies until now. I recommend it strongly. In fact, it should be included as an important component of every organization’s recruiting strategy.

Mobile recruitment: Cool recruitment method

For those of you my readers, who are not aware as to what mobile recruiting is, it’s a way to reach out to potential job seekers on their mobile devices.

Let me unravel for you the benefits of using mobile technologies for accessing new talent.

Mobile is immediate, private and convenient. Agreed? So, what easier way to contact them than the most commonly used device by job seekers.

You can use mobile recruiting in two different ways. Let’s see HOW.

Mobile recruiting boosts employee recruiting process

You can get started with using mobile or your hand-held device as a medium to entice and engage the potential talent. You can deploy the channels of text messaging for sending job alerts, QR codes etc. However, what needs to be ensured here is that the relevant content reaches the qualified target audiences only.

Mobile recruiting: Yet to enter the mainstream recruitment arena

There’s another way in which mobile recruiting can be used by recruiters. The employers can use this for putting in synergy the management of work and productivity levels. This encompasses finding, sorting out, organizing and processing resumes of candidates or entering an ATS from mobile devices.

If you’re a iPhone user, you can use some of the COOL iPhone apps for mobile recruiting like LinkedIn upgraded app, The Interviewer, AutoSearch mobile app, Tweetie 2 etc.

So what are you waiting for? For next set of job openings at your office, resort to this stylish recruitment method—Mobile recruiting.