Arvind Kejriwal: The Reason Behind Congress – BJP New Found Friendship

Agent of America. Bomb thrower of Indian politics. Identical twin of Rakhi Sawant. A mosquito bite which “causes minor irritation“.

His kitty is full to its brim with these tags. He’s no political czar yet standing firm against top guns in politics. He has dared to lift the lids of many boiling political pots. He’s a common man with an uncommon thought process. He’s not a common fly but a dangerous mosquito that bites political nuts big way. Accused of hogging the limelight, Arvind Kejriwal remains unfazed by criticism and is here to play long innings in Indian politics.

Arvind Kejriwal: The Reason Behind Congress – BJP New Found Friendship

Activist-turned politician Kejriwal has sussed out the pain points of the common people like you and me. The country’s democracy is in jeopardy. Economic growth of the country is wilting with steep inflation graph. There are scant opportunities left for common people to milk.

Amidst this political and social chaos, here’s this man who is inexorably exposing the fraudulent deals of these political Big Daddies and the long-prevailing nexus between political honchos and corporate beneficiaries. And, the irony is that the same anxiety-prone political nuts quash the allegations made by Kejriwal, and out of their sheer desperation and fake attempts to hide their nervousness, counter-blame him for attaining political mileage out of these unsubstantiated allegations for his upcoming political party.

Deceitful Robert Vadra’s land deals; gross financial irregularities committed by Salman Khurshid’s NGO in executing welfare schemes for physically-disabled people; Gadkari’s involvement in grabbing crores of land from some of Maharashtra’s poorest farmers in partnership with Ajit Pawar; humongous black money stashed in Swiss Bank by politicians and industrialists and many more. These are some of the political fiascos brought to the light by this anti-corruption crusader turned politician.

Congress and BJP, political enemies otherwise, stand united today. Why? No Brownie points for guessing! To mask their toosh and political wrongdoings. Unable to pick up the gauntlets thrown by him, these political czars have put on a shameless appearance and made some bizarre statements in attempts to exonerate themselves from the allegations.

Dialing back his rhetorical bravado, Digvijay Singh made a ridiculous comparison between Arvind Kejriwal and Rakhi Sawant. What a pity! The truth lays bare in front of the country that the person who made this preposterous comment is a member of the party that today stands almost nude in front of the people of this country.

Countless scams, sloppy economic policies, corrupt team of political guns spearheaded by a “tragic figure” (as cited by the world media) and still some ministers going ahead with rabble rousing. What a loss to the country!

My recent conversations with some politically enlightened friends amuse me when I hear some of them saying “He’s good enough to make allegations but not taking them to some logical conclusions.” Let me throw my volley of questions to all of you my dear friends, who harbor the same opinion.

Which door should he knock in order to get these sinners punished – CBI or any other constitutional body? So, should we expect an independent probe from the same institutions, which are under the direct control of the government? Should we believe the inquiry reports if we hypothetically believe that CBI interrogates the Prime Minister for coal scam? Well, that would be nothing short of whims and fancies.

Sadly, it’s a moment of political hypocrisy. And, the one who has dared to push the nozzle of the fountain of exposes of the financial wrongdoings of the ministers of current political parties gets bestowed upon by inventive tags such as “Agent of America”, “Bomb thrower of Indian politics” and many more!


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