History Repeats Itself…..Anna-Kejriwal Part Ways

History does repeat itself. Oh boy! Don’t get baffled by the headline.

Faces are different. The era is different. The situation is identical.

Yes, I’m talking about the latest news doing the rounds of the political corridors, Anna – Kejriwal split. It’s a shock for all those, who’ve been associated (either in support or opposition) with the anti-corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare with Kejriwal as his closest aide.

Anna-Kejriwal split

The biggest divorce ever: Anna – Kejriwal split

With Anna affirming that he’s no longer a part of India Against Corruption (IAC’s) political plunge, many self-proclaimed political gurus perceive Arvind Kejriwal to be cornered at this juncture. Some even speculate that this vertical split has paved way for the death of soon-to-be-launched Kejriwal-led political party, even much before its birth.

This shocking and perturbing revelation has not come as a surprise as I repeat “History repeats itself.” This snapping ties episode has reminded me of the pre-independence era, when the two different ideologies raced against each other for a common goal. The enormity of achievements of both these groups – Moderates and Extremists – was unparalleled (at least for those who believed in either of them).

While one ideology was immersed in its own whimsical world that if one has to overthrow the tyrannical rule, one has to negotiate with the rulers and make them bow in front of the mass awakening, no matter if it did cost few of our generations to suffer the brunt. While the other ideology, my favorite, was more pragmatic and believed in the words of one of its brave comrades that “If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud.”

I see the replica of the situation. While Anna ji believes that mass awakening can be instrumental in dethroning the Union government, led by a ‘silent minister’, who is relentlessly marching on a mission to devastate the already nose-diving economy of our country and bring the middle class on its knees so that it could never stand back on its feet.

On the other hand, Kejriwal-led group believes in snatching the power from the political goons and handing it over to the common people, which seems like “call of the hour.”  If one has to clean up the political filth, one has to dive deep into it.

Many political luminaries tag Arvind Kejriwal of having “political ambitions”, to my surprise even Anna ji thinks so. If he has that intense a hunger for money, this IIT alumnus would have been making truckloads of dollars had he accepted any job offer from the corporates or even when he was in the chair of Indian Revenue Services.

What ‘s wrong even if he has those political ambitions? What about those, who are in their deep slumber, resting over countless scams and shying away from the volleys of questions by flaunting their fake pride of maintaining silence. What “tragic figures’!

Kejriwal-led political party

Call of the hour: Kejriwal dives into the political fray

Annaji is of the opinion that he’d awaken the masses and enlighten them on “Who to vote for?’ What about an electoral ballot that features a list of all goons, indulged in corruption, crime and all unimaginable stuff? Who should you and I vote for?

Then Anna ji would come out with another arrow from his arsenal and recommend people to go for “Right to Reject”. My question to Mr. Hazare is “Who is going to formulate this law? Again, the same bunch of conniving villains and vamps, who made you go on not one but two indefinite fasts, but all for vain only to waste your as well as our time, energy and effort of all those, who reached out to support you at Jantar Mantar, Azad Maidan or Ramlila Ground for close to two years.

This country needs an immediate savior, not a century-long window of negotiations and protests. The current ruling political fraternity needs some rude rebuttals. At least, Kejriwal has a vision and has the guts to stand for 76% of those people, who’ve voted on Facebook in favor of the decision for IAC to dive into the political fray with gusto. He’s not harboring any illusion. He’s not jaded and petered out. He believes in compelling argument. He possesses a “go-getter”, an aggressive approach to make the skeletons of some of these political devils tumble out of their closets. He does not buckle under the pressure and never refrains from making blistering attacks on any wrong political moves.

Why should he not look forward to enter the temple of Indian democracy – the Parliament? All those political figures, who now take a dig on Kejriwal’s political desires are actually scared of having a pain in their toosh if he steps in their territory. They are frightened that he might scuttle their aspirations of always keeping the pot boiling and not doing anything in the interest of a common man.

As an enlightened citizen of India, my vote goes to this new-age Bhagat Singh, Arvind Kejriwal. Look forward to seeing you in the Parliament after the 2014 general elections (and even sooner if the Union government succumbs to its death tonight after both SP & BSP pull the rug from under the UPA).


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