Thumping endorsement to fiery journalism!

I’m no sycophant. Indeed, a trenchant critic. Very picky.

From time-consuming sartorial choices to developing a penchant for something, I have stayed obstinate and unfazed by criticism of those, who have huddled around me to condemn me for my fastidious nature.

Here’s someone I have developed an instant liking for. It was one of those regular evenings when I was tapping and prodding the remote of my television, while relishing my dinner. Suddenly, my fingers clinched for a while. A voice instantly struck my mind.

Obediently, I put the remote aside and continued to watch a young, spectacled gentleman appearing dapper in a black tuxedo, squeezed into one of the windows on the TV screen with five rugged politicians in other windows. Rabble rousing at its peak. But here speaks this gentleman, whose voice suddenly overshadows the verbal pow-wow of others.

This was Arnab Goswami. For those of you my buddies, who still don’t know who he is – Arnab Goswami is editor in chief and news anchor of the Indian news channel, Times Now. In an era, when the television is mushroomed with News channels, hungry for skyhigh readership and dazzling TRPs, here is this man, who utters every word with boatloads of conviction, dares to speak his mind out fearlessly and in many a circumstances, puts in his best possible efforts to even counter attack the political goons.

He has facts. He has terrific articulation and oration skills. And most significantly, he carries considerable gray matter on his shoulders. A thorough Oxford University alumni.

Though I have always been politically enlightened citizen and news hungry (No wonder—every person from U.P. carries this gene), this guy has successfully made me his ardent admirer. I’m hungry for outstanding content from Times Now every evening.

Arnab-Raj Thackeray explosive interview

Arnab Goswami at his best!!!

Yesterday I saw him battling with weapon of words against none other than Raj Thackeray, a politician who sort of runs a parallel government in Maharashtra. Though I agree with the ideology of Thackeray on some issues like considering the act of extending olive branch to Pakistan by welcoming its singers on one of the reality shows being aired on a prominent channel as one of the most stupid moves from Indians, I was dumbfounded to see Arnab pushing the envelope layer by layer without a sign of dubiousness either on his face or body language.

This calls for extreme devotion, honesty and commitment towards the job that one does. When even the Bollywood biggies and top-notch politicians bow in front of this self-confessed Hindutva avatar, here is this journalist, who does not shy away from asking the toughest questions.

A true rockstar. My thumping endorsement to Arnab Goswami…Look forward to more and more great stuff from you from Monday – Friday night!


2 responses to “Thumping endorsement to fiery journalism!

  1. Great post :):):). Arnab is doing a fearless job.


  2. swati chaudhari

    He is really a true star and the whole nation waits for 9 p.m
    Wish that he doesn’t take his weekly offs.


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