Review: iPad 2

iPad 2: Redefining the genre of gizmos

iPad 2 review to find its degree of sophistication and if it’s worth your purchase decision.

Bright Side

Apps–It has more dedicated apps than any other tablet in the market

Camera–Good quality 720p HD video recording, new front, rear cameras

Connectivity–You can connect over 3G, EDGE and Wi-Fi

Display–Color & brightness improved; better white & black levels

Gyroscope–iPad 2 can locate itself in a 3D space

Performance — Better than iPad; performance improved in graphics intensive games like Infinity blade, N.O.V.A, app switching

Price–Cost competitive entry-level 16GB Wi-Fi version; priced at Rs. 29,500

Smart cover –Smart cover keeps the slim profile intact; available in multi colors

Storage–Also available in the same options as before with 16/32/64 GB internal flash storage for data/apps

Weight–It’s lighter than iPad 1 in both the Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi+3G variants; easier to hold for long durations

Negative Side

Apps—Still not too many apps to reap the benefits of  added cameras, dual-core A5 processor & gyroscope

Camera— Very noisy, resolution lower, poor low light performance in video

Connectivity—Need a micro SIM for 3G connectivity; not all providers offer iPad plans

Display—Display size, resolution and pixel density stay unchanged; same glossy finish

Gyroscope—Few apps support the gyroscope

Performance –For most games & apps, no difference

Price—3G versions premium in price; 64 GB version costs around Rs. 46, 900

Smart cover –No much protection on the back; gets dirty quickly

Storage—Lacks option to expand storage using memory chips or third party adapters

Weight—Weighs just over 600 gm; still not featherweight


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