Happy New Year…Prosperous 2012 coming your way!

Wish you all my readers a very Happy New Year.

New Year. New resolutions. New start.

Some promising events I foresee. Some new beginnings I presage.

Wish You all a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!!

The New Year has started on a fabulous note. My best friend entering the new phase of her life soon. Mixed feelings. Extremely happy for her as she has finally found her Mr. Right she had been searching all these years and also because I’ve outpaced her in ridging the chariot of freedom for some more days. A bit dejected that I won’t be the only one claiming all her attention all the time. There’s someone else or rather much more important than me, who she is going to be occupied with now.

It’s not only her I’m happy for. It includes me also as I’m all set to dig out the treasure trove of some more exciting stuff for myself this year, both professionally and personally.

Though already bid farewell to the year 2011, it was an eye opener year for me. Some grave mistakes I did, some deep lessons learned, some great vows taken, made some amazing friends, enjoyed some fantastic time with my buddies (Malhotra..listening?), reconciled with some friends turned foes,  and not to forget some great quality time spent with my folks.

The New Year apparently seems to be propitious. Lots of new and interesting events piled up for me to be a part of.

Hope the same for you too guys. Wish you all once again a fun-filled, peaceful and happy  New Year ahead. May all your dreams come true, and you unlock the doors to abundance and prosperity in 2012.


2 responses to “Happy New Year…Prosperous 2012 coming your way!

  1. Happy new year dear 🙂 Wish you all the best.. May God give you power to accomplish all your goals this year.


  2. @Manisha: Thank you soon-to-be Mrs. Sharma!! Wish Ankur & you a great married life and New Year ahead!!


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