Choices: Battle in the Mind or Heart?

It crept in like a quiet whisper in the mind. And, slowly transformed into the fiercest battle in the mind. It’s very much a part of every breath, every moment now. It’s the toughest choice until now.  It’s the sweetest one indeed.

‘Choosing to live life by one’s own choice is the greatest freedom that one can ever have.’ And, I enjoyed it to the fullest. No complaints, no regrets –Only sweet memories! Feel blessed to have lived a life like this, the fact can’t be overlooked that the past 5—7 years have been the cumulative result of the choices that I made. Some proved right, some proved wrong. However, I enjoyed the joy and sorrow of all my choices equally since I made them.

Choices: Battle in Heart or Mind?

My closest pal opines that when choices become really tough, and heart does not seem to be in synergy with the brain, those should be left to time for them to meet their fate. But what about the choice when these two apparently seem to be in unison but there exist some unexplored fears?

The result is the toughest choice in life. Some say such type of choices categorically set the future course of our lives. This choice somewhat resembles a diamond invisible in a chest of jewels and yet needs to be mandatorily discovered. Trust me, this choice is really more difficult than the blog topics that I choose to write on, the dresses I select for each day, the pizza toppings that I prefer.

Yet it’s the sweetest one. As I press in each key to garnish this write-up with each word more, I think I’ve made the choice. Well, it’s time to let all concerned people know about it.


One response to “Choices: Battle in the Mind or Heart?

  1. Luvd this piece .. Gud one Mis Trivedi… 🙂


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