Bracing up for Acoustics Lessons

All set for a new creative innings.

After doing enough justice to writing, the moment seems to be perfect for giving a start to that one creative aspect of my personality, which I had deadened deliberately for some reasons – Music. A true Piscean, ain’t I?

Hey guys, now don’t start scratching your intelligence set up to figure out those reasons since it’s none other than to be one of the many mice running in the maddening corporate marathon.

Well, the bunch of my close pals and some ex-colleagues of Lime Labs are aware of my passion for music & singing. The credit to all my creative writing pieces goes only and only to music. It’s hard to forget those frowning looks of some of my ex-colleagues, who’d always see me busy painting Microsoft Word documents with words with my earphones plugged in, while they wanted to engage me in their conversations.

All set to rock the rock!!

Broad smile on my face, these days, is a serious cause of concern to many around.  The secret of this glow in spite of being bed ridden for past few days rests in the permission that I’ve sought from my folks to pursue my passion now.

Now, no reversal of stand since it’s time to pacify that simmering discontent inside me that had been looming up all these years for not being able to pursue music. It’s indeed a New Year resolution that I’ve taken in advance in the form of my decision to learn and play guitar with the intensity of nudging the sozzled senses of everyone around.

Though a lifespan is insufficient to learn it all, I’ll try to be somewhat proficient in strumming on guitar and vocals by this time next year. Once my fingers start kissing the power chords on guitar with the speed with which they move on the keyboard of my laptop, I plan to join the band of one of my friends, though he’s yet to know about my intentions.

Though the idea sounds crazy to one of my very close friends, who has chided my decision brutally and even considered me a nut case if I do it at this juncture of my career, no mockery can stop me now. I can’t afford to let my passion die anymore.

WHOO OHOOO….excited for my guitar lessons!!  Dying to drown myself in the sea of percussions, I shall try my best to keep you guys updated with my music progress chart.

Shankar Tucker, you just need to wait for a year more for me to join you in fusion and coming up with a fresh improvised version of ‘O re Piya’.

While the above statement gives you a good reason to mock me, I shall go and buzz my guitar teacher to let me know the timings of this weekend’s guitar session.


5 responses to “Bracing up for Acoustics Lessons

  1. All the best for your new year’s resolution..
    I got to tell you this.. you always encourage me to find a new beginning when i feel so dull and boring.. u hav got lot of passion for your hobbies and interests.. so many wonderful blogs and now conquering the world of music.. I wish you all the best..


  2. @Manisha: Thanks a lot sweetheart! Unknowingly, you’ve given me the strength to pursue my interests without being dependent on anyone. Now let’s cut short this wave of mutual admiration & get back to work!! 😉 😉


  3. good write-up /…


  4. Good to know this about you. Music is deeply rooted into my system. I used to record music (instrumental rock) directly from an electric guitar (+amp) to PC and overlay multiple tracks to make songs(Instrumental Rock).

    You must listen to Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, etc. Do remind me and copy tons of music collection on my lappie..

    I do not have an acoustic, but my Ibanez RG350Ex has a good tone and simulates acoustic nicely with a Zoom G7.1ut

    If you did not check this out before, then you are going to enjoy this. It will be a treat 🙂 Andee Mckee –


  5. @KC: Thanks a ton for going through my blog! Hope it must have cleared your airs of confusion about my writing prowess a bit (as set in the backdrop of some conniving brains with villanous grits, where we meet each other daily).

    And yeah, waiting eagerly to copy those great numbers from your lappy and learn more about music from you. 🙂 😉


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