Race against Time

It’s berserk. It’s lunatic. But no choice. It’s a race against time.

And, I snub this conscious decision.

It's a race against time.

After having tried out all suggested time management tactics, I’m on a constant face off with the perennially ticking watch on my wrist. I despise being defeated by the hour’s hand of the watch.

Though I love the work I do, and bask in the glory of its success, I hate battling my regular routine. Stepping out of the bed right at 5:30 am daily when the rest of the world is plunked in their cozy beds and busy wandering in the island of dreams—the mere thoughts scares the hell out of most of my friends. The daily ablutions followed by an hour-long session of touching up is ensued by almost benumbing my back with the heavy laptop and then brawling in the infamous ‘war of metro’ — all these events are sufficient to leave me crazy. Well, that’s when the real race against time begins.

Glam quotient aplenty in sports media entertainment

Every day journey starting from Noida sets out for only one objective –Gurgaon, which when I reach seems like a sight for sore eyes. Then begins the race to attend any and everything on the platter that awaits me for the day, and that too midst some scheming brains. A supportive BOSS is the only soothing melody in such mind-boggling times, and yeah some glamour quotient attached to my job (see the picture above).

After exercising brain cells for almost 8 hours every day attending work and badger-baiting, another battle awaits. But this race is pleasant, one that I yearn for throughout the day. The hurry to hit Noida and then my home is the respite I look forward to. Suddenly, the hustle-bustle of metro apparently seems to be helping me out in shedding the mental baggage from work. But the race against time does not end here.

Getting back home and then feeding my stomach that usually complains of being ill-treated in such hectic schedule is yet another race of its kind. The bed calls me. In fact, it longs for me like a forlorn girl craves to see her lover. But unwillingly, I have to debunk its myth that I will accompany it at the earliest since the race is still on.

The preparations for the next day, some essential phone calls and then my series of some good tele soaps don’t leave me free for my companion. By the time I kiss my bed, it’s midnight. And, the race against time slowly creeps into my brains, and disdaining the battle to take place on the next day, I slowly doze off.


One response to “Race against Time

  1. I think my daily (profession) life is much harder.. but you take care dear. Liked your snap above.. God bless !!


  2. Fantastic web site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks!


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