Movie Review: Desi Boyz

Complete dose of Super Entertainment

There were quite a number of reasons why I was looking forward to watch Desi Boyz; primarily because of my huge crush on John Abraham and perfect comic timing of Akshay Kumar. Watching John sans clothes has always been a visual treat for millions of girls like me. Admiration for John emanates all the more for I know someone who’s almost a look-alike or even better looking than him. Besides, watching this movie with a cool buddy was another reason why I was so excited about the same.

Well, the Saturday evening was simply the perfect time when my friend buzzed me, and we immediately planned for the movie at my favorite theater. We grabbed our tickets at GIP immediately and stepped into the theater just on time for I had warned my buddy of his life if I missed even a single frame of the movie.

The movie began, and the hunk emerged on the screen. The two best-looking males, with best bodies in the business, on the screen after five years since the release of Garam Masala was just what all the audiences were super excited about. The promos had already set the stage perfect.

Who can beat this chemistry?

The movie is based on a simple but strong plot with not-so-simple performances. It’s the tale of two friends living in the UK; one an MBA from London School of Economics (Nick, John Abraham) and the other a college dropout (Jerry, Akshay Kumar), who survives on the money earned by his buddy who earns a heavy salary cheque every month. And suddenly the economy takes a downward spiral and Nick loses his job, which makes life difficult for them and especially Jerry, who raises his nephew after the death of his sister and brother-in-law, from the money that he gets from his friend—Nick.

This is when both the males resort to becoming male escorts in the company ‘Desi Boyz’ run by Sanjay Dutt. Life takes a steep turn when the duo gets caught red handed by Nick’s girlfriend (Radhika, Deepika Padukone). The duo gets separated. Jerry goes back to college where he meets his college time friend and now the Economics teacher, played by Chitrangada Singh. And, then the roller coaster ride begins.

Awesome Music!!

At some places, the moments of the film are strong enough to put you in fits of laughter. The cinematography is amazing with such picturesque locations in the UK and vibrant colors on the screen. Speaking about the performances, the audiences get to see a truly outstanding chemistry on-screen. Both John & Akshay have looked their best, great enough to give the new faces a chase for their money, though John & Deepika Padukone’s chemistry did not appeal that much to me. Omi Vaidya as Deepika’s date shines in the film.

Complete package--Oomph factor coupled with uber cool acting prowess

What strikes to me the most about this film is Chitrangda Singh. At 36, she has managed to look simply stunning. On every frame she appears, I had my jaws dropped. She’s truly a breath of fresh air with such seductive looks which can tickle even the most decent ones of the male lot. However, the choice of role by her is not that good as we seen in her previous films. It would be unfair to judge her performance in this movie.

The music of Desi Boyz is its biggest USP. Some real peppy numbers there as is evident from the popularity charts where these songs have managed to bag the top spots.

After 1.5 years of refraining from movie theaters, Desi Boyz was just worth it. What an entertaining dose it was for both of us! We both laughed our hearts out during the movie. It’s a must watch for everyone, who values friendship.


One response to “Movie Review: Desi Boyz

  1. Happy to know you & buddy liked it !! It must have been a fun to watch.. 🙂


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