Tring* Tring*–Home Calling!

Tring* Tring*–Home calling. The number flashes on my screen and a smile surfaces on my lips. The face attains an instant glow. Primarily due to seeing the image of my granny & me together that I have set in my mobile settings to appear whenever anyone calls up from the landline of my residence at Kanpur. And not any less importantly due to the joy filled in my heart to reach my home tomorrow for Diwali.

As soon as I pick up the call, I’m showered upon by strings of questions that I’ve been answering countless times for the past one week. What’s your train name? What’s your train number? What’s your coach number? What is its arrival time? How will you reach station? Are you done with your packing? Huhhhhhhhh….So many questions and repeated answers every time.

“Yeah Nani, I’m fine. I’m done with packing and don’t worry I’ll be there with you soon safe and sound.”—My standard formatted answer to all her questions every time I go home in the last 5 years.

Blessed I’m to have such a great and caring family. Yippie!!! It’s family time; it’s fun time!

The family is a haven in the helter-skelter of our busy lives, a place to find the real solace in life. Who knows it better than me? Who can understand better the agony of staying away from the people you love the most? The worth of family can only be understood by those, who are deprived of it circumstantially.

Materialistic quests distance us from our families

Though most of us often tend to forget this basic essence of our lives. The quest for better jobs, better professional stature, better perks and most importantly, respect in the society for having carved your niche on the professional landscape are some of the key factors that are strong enough to drive us away from our families and hometowns. And, I shamelessly admit that I’m one of the faces in this bunch and have surrendered completely to this demand of the society. Yet, I often go maudlin about the good old days spent in Kanpur.

Wish you all a very happy & prosperous Diwali!!

Anyways, lots of fun awaits me back home this time, and I’ve vowed that I will reap the maximum fun of my week-long stay at home this Diwali. Cousins, relatives and most importantly the two people, who claim for the maximum share of my love and attention—my granny and brother—are eagerly waiting for me to join them. Children, who stay outstation, succeed to get VIP attention when they go home for brief periods. I guess most of my friends would agree with me on this.

My aunt and I have already planned to go for crazy shopping this time as I’ve not been able to shop here at Delhi due to ill-health for some time now. Well, I intend to tame, capture, live and frame each moment of my stay this Diwali.

Kudos to our Friendship!!!

I’ve yet another reason to be happy about. My best female friend (Manisha) would also be there with me at Kanpur for Diwali. Wooowww!! It’s going to be real fun. I just pray to the Almighty that unlike last year, this time she doesn’t get scared of my two loved babies—Allex & Bruno. She calls them ‘scary dogs’. She’s mean. 😉 😉 Isn’t she? (She’s gonna kill me for this!)

Lots of sweets, gifts, wild shopping, new clothes (as per my choice), blithe spirit to celebrate the big festival, all loved ones around—What more can I ask for?

While I wind up my work today at the earliest to go back home and give a final touch to my packing (I know I’ve lied to Nani about this), you guys also pep up your spirits for shopping and celebrating Diwali, only 5 days away from now.

Wishing all you readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali!!


6 responses to “Tring* Tring*–Home Calling!

  1. Come on.. Raina.. You know your dogs are scary.. 😛 Btw.. Nice blog and cool pictures.. Happy Diwali to u and ur family.. See ya in Kanpur 🙂


  2. Wish you a safe journey and very happy Diwali !!


  3. @Manisha: Dying to c ya there babez!! Don’t forget to bring my gift along.;);)


  4. @Anil: Wish you too a joyful & prosperous Diwali! May you prosper magnanimously on the material as well as spiritual planes!


  5. I don’t have words to describe the feeling of being with parents, kith and kins etc and celebrating the joy of Diwali. But whatever time we spend with them always seems too little. May be that’s the beauty of it and may be that’s why we look for another chance to mingle again.
    Happy Diwali to you and you family.


  6. Belated Diwali. as now u r back to work.. so will celebrate New Year soon….


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