I’ve said ‘Hello’ to Daily Deals. Have You?

Hot discount deals based on marketing “push” model

It was Monday. The day I hate the most since it marks the beginning of a chock-a- block work schedule at office. As a daily ritual, I opened my gmail account and saw almost 40 emails in the Inbox. I began the exercise of deleting all spam emails when suddenly one of them catches my attention. The email subject reflected 92% OFF on beauty services, Noida. I stopped and immediately opened that enticing email. Wooowww!! 

This was my instant reaction. The salon is of high repute and is just a hop across the road. Hardly some flights of steps from my home. I didn’t hesitate to use the discount voucher, and was a happy customer on availing some real good beauty services. Now it’s a habit to visit that salon almost every month. No wonder, I’m more rejuvanted and touched up now!

Well, the last statement was on a lighter note. This was almost 8 months back, and since then I’m a great follower of daily deals and discount coupons.

HOT Daily Deals: The Future of Shopping?

Though the concept of Group buying/Collective buying had originally hit the market in 2000 when the website ‘We Commerce’ knocked the doors of customers. However, this concept took a while to anchor its feet firmly in the business, and now apparently seems to be flourishing as the purchasing power of people across the globe has improved considerably over the last decade.

At present, over 500 group-buying sites exist worldwide with Groupon topping the list. It’s the the hottest daily deal site with 35 million subscribers across 300 cities worldwide. It turned heads of many when it rejected Google buyout offer worth $6 billion last year.

Instant coupons, shopper incentives & lots of FUN!!

India is not untouched by this concept, which involves synergy of social with deals. Websites like snapdeal.com, sosasta.com, letsbuy.com etc. are quite popular among the crowds of metropolitan as well as smaller cities (which contribute to 1/3rd of the discounted deals) like Coimbatore, Guntur and Bhubaneswar. Well, this reminds me of a friend from Bhuvaneshwar, who told me that he used discount code  and dined with his lovely wife last week. Not only was his wife impressed with his any gesture after a long time, but also there was no hole in his pocket by virtue of this lavish dinner. 😉 😉

This may surprise many but around 20 group-buying websites in India have over 12.7 million users. It’s incredible indeed! As far as I could analyze this trend,  I think the most indispensable part of the shopping culture that we, Indians, practise is ‘Bargains’. We’re hungry for discount offers, deals and vouchers.

Deail deal sites

There’s one more interesting angle to it. As these hot deals encompass huge discounts on a plethora of products & services like gadgets, beauty services, dining offers etc. in your city, you succeed in acquiring knowledge about local businesses in no time. More so, you get long time windows to redeem these coupon codes.

Now comes the more amazing part of it. You can do wonders with these vouchers of discount codes. Gift these discount coupons to your relatives or boyfriends/girlfriends, who have been annoyed with you for a long time now. Trust me, not only will you succeed in making him/her happy but also you’d find yourself under the heaps of applauds and praises in the circle of your close relatives and of course, your beloved’s. Of course, through word-of-mouth advertising of your sweet gesture!

With the advancement of technology, your PC or laptop doesn’t need to be at your arm’s length anymore to grab these attractive hot deals of the day. One of the big fish in the pond of most popular daily deals sites, SnapDeal has recently launched the facility of mobile vouchers that allow users to avail deals through SMSes. Amazing! 

Hey guys, another deal has just hit my email account. So while I book another hot beauty deal for this Saturday and get beautified to give my folks at hometown a pleasant surprise this Diwali, you guys can also check out the daily deals and be a HAPPY Customer like me.


One response to “I’ve said ‘Hello’ to Daily Deals. Have You?

  1. I love online deals.. Last week I got items worth of Rs.6000 in just Rs. 499.. 🙂 Happy Diwali to everybody.. wish you all the luck in getting good online deals


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