Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh passes away

It’s a beautiful Monday morning. Skies clear and sunlight making its way deep down the canopy of trees. Birds chirping. Some middle-aged people in jogging shorts returning to their homes with milk and fresh veggies’ packets in their hands. While some, like me, almost running towards the metro station with heavy laptops on our backs.

After a tiring and bit irksome weekend, I board the metro with a positive attitude on this lovely Monday morning. I hope the coming week fosters some learning, rewarding and fulfilling experiences. The metro is more crowded today than any other day. It’s hard to make the way inside, and then grab a corner for the next 1.5 hours. Push & get pushed is the only survival mantra. I hope all daily commuters would agree with me on this.

Once I succeed to secure a corner for myself, I prod my Nokia 5230 phone and open the playlist of my most favorite songs. After having a peek on all the recent additions, I decide to zero down to my favorite ghazal, which I must I have heard over 1000 times in my lifetime so far. Guess which one?

Hosh walon ko khabar kya--One of my most favorite Ghazals by Jagjeet Singh

It’s ‘Hosh walon ko khabar kya’ by none other than the ace Ghazal singer, better to call him ‘Ghazal maestro’—Jagjeet Singh. I hear it and then the next song begins. I decide to go back to my previous choice. I play the same ghazal once more. Then the next one again is one of the biggest ghazal hits, ‘Tamanna fir machal jaaye, agar tum milne aa jao’ by yet again my favorite ghazal singer—Jagjeet Singh.

I’m almost in my slumber of music when I hear the announcement of my destination, the metro station where I deboard daily near my office. These favorites melodies don’t let me experience the general anguish that daily commuters have to go through in this tiresome 2 hours journey from Noida to Gurgaon.

I reach office, and switch on my laptop. As per my habit, the first link that I open is Google News. I scroll down and suddenly my eyes rest on one piece, Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh passes away. I’m shocked, and suddenly I can feel my throat getting dried up. I forget to exchange greetings and general prolonged conversation than mere ‘hi-hello’ after the weekend with my colleagues. I feel I’ve lost someone too close. I feel that this thought would be resonating from every heart that loves this voice. This eternal voice has been soothing me so far.

Jagjit Singh, the man who gave Ghazals a new meaning, passes away--It's a great LOSS to Indian music

There is a reason why I’m more startled on reading this news. Had it not been that I attended his LIVE concert and seen him performing right in front of my eyes a month back at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi, it would have not made such an impact on me. But I’m grief struck and dumbfounded. I was hardly 100 meters away from the stage where my music icon sat and sang peacefully all my favorite numbers, melodies and harmonies one after the other.

It’s a LOSS! Indeed, a great loss. Loss to the Indian music industry. Loss to millions of his fans around the world like me. He was the sole reason why I had started appreciating Ghazals.

You'll always be in our hearts!!

He was only 70 years of age. Suddenly, I get reminded of some oldies. Some politicians, who’re over 80 and yet vying with the contemporaries and younger ones for settling their own selfish political interests. GOD is sometimes cruel. Why doesn’t he take away these slackers from the face of the Earth? Why is he always tyrannical to some real good souls?

May God rest his soul in peace!


4 responses to “Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh passes away




  2. Very sad.. may God rest his soul in peace


  3. its very sad..
    jagjit g ne hi to india me ghazals ko naya ayam diya.
    unki jagah koi nhi le skta..
    we always miss him..
    chitthi na koi sandesh jane wo kaun sa desh jaha tum chale gaye…


  4. Thanks Raina for your tribute to the Ghazal Maestro. He has left us but can he leave us and go anywhere? He lived in this mortal world through his immortal silken voice and will continue to do so for all time to come in his bhajans and ghazals which are timeless.

    Therefore, Jagjit Singh is still among us. His true self lives in his enchanting music. Let’s keep remembering Jagjit Singh by listening to his hit bhajans like and ghazals such as Jab bhi aati hai teri yaad.


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