Are You a Slave to Web? It’s Time to Free Yourself from Addiction!

Web Addiction: A Disorder on the Rise

It’s different. Enough of stories about drug or alcohol addiction. It’s a new entrant in our lives, a new form of addiction that has engulfed many of us. It’s Web Addiction. Are you a victim?

Though you may think that the blogger (that’s me!) is herself a web addict since she gives you a diet of a blog every day, even two sometimes, why is she preaching about web addiction? Well to be candid, I’m not a web junkie. It’s my passion to write, and my mind is always flooded with blog ideas, which trigger me to pen down my thoughts regularly. Also, it’s my means of livelihood. So, I really can’t free myself from the habit of being online every day.

But I can handhold you if you wish to find out if you have been swallowed by the online world or not. There’s a thin line between being web-savvy and web addict. Which one are you? To find an answer to this, there is, however, a pre-requisite. And that is, you need to dig out deeper into your web habits with an open mind and readiness to accept the results, even if they’re not in your favor.

If your answer is ‘YES’, then let’s take a step further.

Web Addiction: Are You @ Risk?

Here are a few questions as I shoot them at you, you need to answer each one in plain Yes/No. Be honest here!

  • Is your significant other complaining about you getting emotionally distant with each passing day?
  • Are you so consumed with the online world that you’re unknowingly evading your prime responsibilities in your personal life?
  • Apart from work & other professional commitments, do you spend more than 3-4 hours on web even when at home?
  • Do you check these websites as soon as you log on to your computers—Facebook/Twitter/Gmail/YouTube?
  • Do you check these websites multiple times a day?
  • Do you leave your work to check the status update of your friend(s) as soon as you get the alert in your Inbox?
  • Do you hit the ‘Refresh button’ many a times when online?
  • Do you access web many times on your smartphones when not able to check the same on computers?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ for most of these questions, my dear friend I regret to inform you that you’re a Web Addict. Indeed, you are a slave to Web. It’s hard to accept but it’s true.

Now that you know you’re a proven web addict, would you like to do something to free yourself from the chains of this slavery or let your computer rule your heart & mind all day and night?

Hooked on Internet? Help is a just a click away.

If you’re ready to cut back your web addiction, here are some tips.

Strong Will Power: To accomplish any uphill task, you need to possess a strong will power. It’s needed much more when it’s the case of attaining freedom from web addiction. When at work, shut down all social media tabs and attend all your assignments with rapt attention. While at home, try to do all web activities during your time for coffee, watching television or listening to music so that your family time does not go waste.

Time Management: You’re your best judge when it comes to managing your most valuable asset—time. You need to split your time between your online & real life. Don’t kill your productive hours. Remember each hour counts. So don’t just fritter away time in web slavery. Work hard and party even harder by rewarding yourself with dedicated ‘web leisure’ time, and try not to exceed that time limit, no matter how much tempted you are.

Free yourself from Web addiction & devote proper time to your interests, recreational activities & social obligations.

Technology has overwhelmed your life, my life. It has bred Digital world, which is fascinating but addiction is bad. Confession of Digital Addiction is wise but Freedom from this Slavery is vital for a happy and prosperous life.

In the end, wish you all a very happy Vijayadashami & fun-filled, web-free Dussehra!! 


6 responses to “Are You a Slave to Web? It’s Time to Free Yourself from Addiction!

  1. I would love to share your Amazing Website to my friends on Twitter, how to do that?


  2. I am still not able to decide because half of my answers are yes, and rest are no. Plz help…


  3. @Paul: Thanks for applauding my effort! You can share the link to my website on your twitter wall.


  4. @Abhishek: Grateful to you for admiring the images in the post 😉 And my answer to your query is that you’re on you way to become a web addict from a web savvy soon. So beware of this addiction!


  5. hi-ya i found your site today and I have read some awesome posts over here. I just wanna thank you.


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