Working Women: Fanning the Flame of Silent Social Revolution?

Working women. I hear this doublet and some known faces suddenly surface in front of my eyes. That of my mother, sister, my dearest female friend (Manisha) and me, myself. Besides donning the title of ‘working women’, all four of us have one more thing in common. We’re happy of being financially independent and more importantly, proud of having been able to carve a niche for ourselves in our own respective domains in this patriarchal society.

When I look back, I was always a teenage girl wanting to flaunt the stylish purses and attires and dream myself as a professional going to office every day. I wanted to leap the years of my graduation and post graduation, and join the league of working women. Today as a member of this species, I’m proud to be one.

Interestingly, the modern economic role of women has undergone a series of transformations, four phases to be specific. While the first three phases were evolutionary, the last and the most recent one is certainly revolutionary.

Working Women leading Silent Social Revolution

So can my mother, sister, Manisha & myself be considered as the comrades of the modern female working brigade tagged to be fanning the flame of silent social revolution? Yes, why not!

Though this quiet social revolution can be traced back to late 1970s, it has attained a bigger and more dignified persona over the last decade. After researching and studying this subject length and breadth, I hop on to a conclusion. The prime reason that has triggered this silent social revolution is Education. It has widened the outlook of women and the way they approach their lives today.

The woman of 21stcentury has understood that she’s not born only to be someone’s wife and be her man’s object for carnal satisfaction or looked upon as ‘baby-producing factories.’ She realizes that the Almighty has gifted her with bundles of talent like every human being on this living planet, and she can’t afford to while away the same just to attend the domestic chores.

Working Women changing the dynamics of society

From pumping gasoline, serving burgers at McDonald’s and driving taxis to practising medicine and law, executives and top professionals in MNCs, we’re everywhere. We make our own choices, our own decisions today.

While some readers can derive a conclusion that the writer (that’s me) is against the institution of marriage, it’s not the case. I’ve always supported the fact that a balance must always be struck in the society. Equal opportunities for every one irrespective of gender, caste or financial strata.

Most of us support so many causes. Fight against corruption, drug abuse, alcohol, domestic violence, and countless many more causes. But why so much delusion and resistance when it comes to women stepping out of the home boundaries?

At this point, it’s important to pull your attention to some burgeoning questions.

Is this social mobilization beneficial for this society as a whole? Is the women workforce leading this revolution doing this society any good? Is this venting out of the talent slumbering for ages of any use?

These are some million dollar questions, which can trigger many so-called ‘educated’ individuals vomit out their real opinions, otherwise clad in a veil of sophistication. Some of these enlightened citizens support their conviction with varied pieces of logic like women are born to be home makers, societal rules, balance in family, proper upbringing of children and lots more.

Why not try 'Role Reversal?'

But my question to these knowledgeable ‘gurus’ is that if this is the logic that they put across, what if we do the ‘Role Reversal?’ What if we make a rule for the society that suddenly all males are barred from their current roles and be entrusted with the new roles and responsibilities that they see their women to be carrying out otherwise?

Will you not be suffocated to lose your precious freedom? Can you sacrifice your own dreams just to keep your spouse happy? Can you accept this rule of society? I bet I know the answers to each of these questions.

‘Rigidity of faith deadens its vitality.’ Too much harshness and discipline for one species can lead to the destruction of the entire society. That’s why as human beings, we must be endowed with compassion and respect for each other’s identity.

Let’s revere each other and fan this flame of Social Silent Revolution so that it reaches every female on this planet!


5 responses to “Working Women: Fanning the Flame of Silent Social Revolution?

  1. Being financially independent is the biggest thing a female can ask for & what better than standing on your own feet. Good writing


  2. Very nice. I really loved ur post. It’s true. Still acceptance of working women are too low in our society.


  3. Amazing thought process! Still the situation is much better in the metro cities but in rural areas, women are in worst state. Forget about working women.


  4. I salute the entire working women population. It’s beautiful to see them managing their professional as well personal life. Kudos to your post!


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