Grim times ahead for iPads? High Decibel launch of Amazon Kindle Fire

Is there anything that we could possibly thought of when it comes to acing the ace gadget—iPads? Well, it’s time to ‘Expect the Unexpected.’

The wild popularity of iPads apparently seems to be in jeopardy. Why? The new competitor is in!

Amazon's Kindle Fire intensifies the already crowded race of capturing consumer attraction

New York has witnessed the launch of the most awaited technology of the year—the launch of Kindle Fire by Amazon, the ubiquitous Web retailer. This high–end, premium product was launched by CEO Jeff Bezos, who called it ‘an incredible achievement.

But some million dollar questions pop up here. Will this new entrant really be able to outsell iPads, the gold standard in the booming market? Will this new gadget hitting the store shelves soon be able to challenge Apple’s dominance in the market? What are the tenets which can make this seemingly impossible dream come true?

Though the latest gadget in this crowded tablet market has received mixed reactions from analysts, Amazon appears rest assured about their new device outselling iPads in the near future.

Their success mantra of this corporate titan at this juncture is “Price”. Amazon has priced Amazon Kindle Fire ($199) at less than half the price of iPad. Coool! The consumers are going to have a gala time since all their multimedia needs would be adequately addressed in this tablet war between the two biggies.

With this expected sky rocketing sale, Amazon hopes to take it device to millions of consumers, who’d be likely to buy from Amazon’s catalogue of content entailing movies, e-books, apps and music.

Apple is not shying away to run down its competitor October 4 is already slated to witness the grand launch of the much awaited iPhone 5.

As the war of these two Big Fish becomes intense, it’s golden time for us, the consumers to meet all our content needs and enjoy the churns of technology.


4 responses to “Grim times ahead for iPads? High Decibel launch of Amazon Kindle Fire

  1. I’m more eagerly waiting for iPhone 5 than the device launched by Amazon.


  2. Cool!! I guess this war between Apple, Google & Amazon will take a bigger form in the future.


  3. I am a gadget freak. This is a great news for people like me.


  4. In this war of technology and brands , i guess the end user is going to reap the benefits and wll save a good amount on new gadgets .


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