October 4: Why so much of Hullabaloo?

October 4 could be a historic day.

For whom? What’s there on this date?

iPhone 5: All set to grab the Big Chunk of the spotlight

Well, it could be a momentous day for iPhone enthusiasts as well as Apple. The much awaited smartphone from Apple is all set to knock the doors of the market on October 4, 2011.

iPhone fanatics, mobile gaming companies, publishers—everyone had been speculating about this device for a long time now. But now it’s Super Apple Official! Almost all media biggies have received invitations from Apple.

The media outlets opine about the invitations being a treat to the eyes, with fantastic Map, date, clock & phone icons and of course, the event’s name ‘Let’s talkiPhone’ at Apple HeadQuarters, to be presided over by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

A titillating revelation has succeeded in holding the attention of many onlookers like me. All the vacation requests made by the employees between October 9th October 12th & October 14thOctober15th have been refuted by Apple. All this in purview of anticipation of an exponential increase in the number of iPhone buyers, and the subsequent in-flow of inquiries from the iPhone and iPod Users.

Let’s wait & watch for the official launch of much awaited iPhone 5!


5 responses to “October 4: Why so much of Hullabaloo?

  1. Hoping to see more refined smartphone with more gaming apps.


  2. Cool mann!! I am waiting for iPhone 5 eagerly. Just pray it comes in the market soon.


  3. Thanks for sharing this information. I’m planning to change my mobile set.


  4. Heard the news that its prototype got stolen. Hope this iPhone has better features than the previous series.


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