How to Cure Sinusitis Naturally?

Hey, one of my colleagues just sneezed. She sneezed once again and yet again & again & again. Oh NOOOOO!!! The moment I hear someone sneezing more than once or twice or complaining about cold, I get reminded of one very important person in my life–My sister. She just loves carrying a big box of tissue papers almost all the time to bloat her running nose for most part of the year. I know she’d scowl and shun me once this blog surfaces on her laptop.

But I can’t stop myself from helping you out my friends, if you also suffer often from the same health disorder as my darling sister. Are you also sick of consuming bulk of antibiotics every day? If yes, read on!

Sinus: infection, allergy or autoimmune?

Sinus infections account for the most common health problem faced by the people today. As per the American Academy of Otolaryngology, approximately 37 million US citizens are afflicted with sinusitis and suffer from at least one attack of sinusitis every year. It may be the result of cold or allergies that cause inflammation of the sinuses.

Sinusitis can be extremely painful. It may be accompanied by severe toothaches, facial pain, cold, cough and other allergic symptoms. For the chronic sinus infections, natural remedies can prove to be a Man’s Best Friend. These not only help in reducing the symptoms, but also provide a quick, drug-free and effective natural treatment for such a dreadful ailment.

Go for the steam treatment. Sinus infections occur when inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages takes place. The mucous develops thick and does not drain easily. Steam treatment breaks the nasal congestion and relieves you of wheezing respiratory tract and sinus discomfort.

Consume lots and lots of water. It causes thinning of the mucous and easy drainage of the same through the nasal passages. One should also drink tea and other beverages but avoid soft drinks.

Anti-oxidants: Natural remedies for Sinusitis

Eat fruits rich in vitamin C, an oxidant that cures nasal allergy symptoms. Fruits such as lemon, orange and other citruses help overcome nasal irritations and cure severe sinus infections. Also take anti-oxidant rich foods such as garlic, tomatoes, spinach etc that improve the immune system of your body and prevent sinusitis. Try to avoid dairy products as these items boost up mucous formation.

Opt for aromatherapy. Inhaling the herbal combination of eucalyptus oil or peppermint extract and steam unblocks the sinus cavities. If suffering from severe cold and cough, you can also take zinc supplements that shorten the cold span and help overcome sinus discomfort. Grapefruit seed extract is also a very effective option in curing sinus naturally.

Sinus irrigation is again a good natural remedy for curing sinusitis fast. It involves injecting warm water into the sinuses. Try to avoid drug medications that often have side effects. So go for curing your sinus infection naturally saving you from the use of synthetic drugs and expensive devices. After all, health is the most expensive gift that God has blessed all of us with.

So take good care of it!

Hope this post will help you guys & my dearest sister in getting rid of sinus infections.


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  1. thanks for writing such informative writeup and lots of home remedies to get rid of sinus..


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