Mobile Gaming in 2011: What is it like?

“The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That’s the general rule.”~Nick Johnson

Mobile games are the most downloaded app category across most application stores.

Only technology can cure technology addiction. Tablet use explosion and the smartphone Arena witnessing War of the Giants have overhauled the entire mobile device ecosystem. Every player in this domain is hunting for that “out-of-the-box approach” that may give it the power to control this game. And all this is built on the foundation of the fact that  we, the consumers, are addicted to gadgets, better to call them ‘entertainment devices.’

According to a research conducted by Ipsos/OTX on mobile consumers, consumers across the globe have developed intimate relationships with their mobile phones. Our mobile devices are now our new lovers!

Web surfing, social networking, mobile gaming & what not! Trust me on this one—social mobile gaming creates impulsive consumption. Who can miss out an opportunity to sit in his friend circle and play ‘Final Fantasy?’ The mobile web is mushroomed with thrilling games today.

Last year was indeed a fantastic one. Transition from the video gaming to social mobile gaming took us all by surprise, and was driven

Smartphones, new addiction for the current generation

by consumer behavior. Factors like users’ craving for multiplayer and social features, word-of-mouth being the key driver for game downloads etc. have anchored the feet of mobile gaming firmly in the market. All credit to the launch of latest Smartphones (iOS & Android), iPhones, GPS and other 3G-enabled mobile devices by companies like Sony, Nokia, Microsoft, Apple etc!

Now let us take a tour of how mobile gaming has fared in 2011 so far. The report Dataquest Insight: The Outlook for Mobile Gaming’ predicted that the mobile gaming market global revenues might hit $6.3 billion in 2011. As mobile gaming offers good value for money, no wonders there has been witnessed an exponential increase in social mobile gaming in the current year. Today, smartphone users spend over 30% more on media and entertainment content as compared to their peers.

As you all know Asia/Pacific is the biggest market for mobile gaming by virtue of greater mobile devices penetration rate, the revenues are likely to be $3.4 billion in next three years. And, the revenues are likely to be $862 million by the end of the current year. Similarly, the revenues are forecasted to hit the mark of $1.2 billion. As you and we participate to increase the mobile user base, the mobile business is expected to hit a CAGR of approximately 74% in next three years.

You must be viewing 3G mobile service advertisements on the television these days. Well, these services are expected to steer the growth of mobile gaming in the business. Next after the PC games would be these 3G services. As a result, there might be a dramatic increase in the number of 3G mobile handset sales, which can cross the mark of 16 million in 2011.

Well, let’s hope that the mobile gaming industry continues to boom and give us all the ultimate fun of playing exciting games on our mobiles!


5 responses to “Mobile Gaming in 2011: What is it like?

  1. Fantastic! You are right. Mobile devices are not jused used for talking now. More & more people have stared playing games on them.


  2. Interesting information! This market is growing everyday in India too.


  3. well said , absolutely right! This is very informative for people who search for information about these topics . Can you please post something about Android-based smartphones?


  4. Appealing blog , thanks a lot for posting such information as I was searching on net for some information related to mobile gaming ..If you have some more information please help me out with that . Will wait for your next post on this topic.


  5. Hey cool! I’m a gadget freak and a crazy mobile gamer. Please post about some good new mobile games.


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