Every Lesson Counts!!!

R.W. Emerson has a great follower in me. He once said, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.”  Is it true? Is it something that redefines our approach to life? Do all these experiments shape up our life?

Yes! Every lesson counts.

Every experience comes with a purpose. The purpose to give us happiness. The purpose to give us trauma. Forgetfulness is our inherent nature. We tend to forget joyous moments at the first instance.

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Difficulties packaged in the form of an experience are not taken well by most of us, at least not by me. I’m NO super human being. I feel smashed under the multiple layers of burden brought by the situation. I hope most of us, if not all, land up on the same page in the emotionally demanding times.

As time progresses, we tend to remove the stains of our losses. Stains fade and then gradually disappear. What’s left in our kitty are emotional residues. These remnants are most of the times tough to cope with.

Many a times, we come across some preachers in such situations. Be prepared to catch some tall statements from them. Some preach that there is “Life after Death.” It’s your Karmic consequences of the past birth that you get in the present. The best way is to turn a deaf ear to them since it’s your battle and no one except you can figure out a solution to it.

Except those preachers, each one us is a normal human being. So, staying self-assured surfaces as a big challenge in such trying times. Often, we are engulfed by negative emotions such as anger, distress, depression and self-pity. But like every other thing in the Universe, these traits are temporary. The problem shoots up when the Almighty subjects us to tough times more than often, and the above-mentioned attributes get stuck to our normal behavior for a prolonged time.

Besides the intricacies showered upon us by the supernatural power, some new problems shake hands with us when we get labeled by

Anger, distress, despair-common traits people are tagged with

people for such traits. One preacher does, and the others follow. And, suddenly tags like “Short tempered”, “Blunt”, “Rude”, “Egoist”, “Attitude” and many more such adjectives complement your character. You’re accused of being quarrelsome for no mistake.

All of a sudden, we find ourselves being delved into a state of helplessness and self-pity. I feel this is the biggest testing time. It’s the time when no one will come to embrace you except yourself. You need to take hold of your spirit, your soul and show it the mirror of truth. You’re your biggest friend/foe. Now depends who you want to be with.

I’m a FIGHTER; I’m a SURVIVOR is the only success mantra in such difficult times. Always remember a famous saying by Robert Schuller “Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Guys, don’t get me wrong! I’m “NO” preacher. Nor have any intentions to be one. Though I might not be too Old to be talking about Life in the broader picture, I have had some eye opener experiences in my life, which have made me strongly believe that “Every Lesson Counts!” Every lesson has made me stronger than ever.

The sun has a sinking spell every night, but it comes back up every morning. The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

However, many blame that more often a strong person becomes emotionally cold. But yet again, public display  of emotions may not be every one’s cup of tea. We’re mortals. We all have emotions ingrained deep inside us. Sometimes, they’re visible to others; sometimes we keep them to ourselves.

No matter how much these hard times try to bog us down, we need to stitch our broken wings and learn to fly yet again. This is no “gyaan”. No one is untouched by stormy phases in life. But each time I see problems looming up around me, I remind myself that “I can make it through the rain, I can stand up once again.”

All we need to do in tough times is to hold on to the thought that each lesson does count and brings with it a new hope of life and divine blessings for us!


11 responses to “Every Lesson Counts!!!

  1. Incredible write-up. We all go through such tough phases but only few have the courage to survive
    Seems like u r a fighter girl!!


  2. Such hard experiences if taken positively can really help us to be better individuals..I like the way you think and present your thoughts in such easy way. Cool stuff there!


  3. Amazing blog. Many good souls are mostly put to tough tests by God but good to see that writers like you have such a deep insight into such complex aspects of life
    Good work


  4. hey according to my perception each one of us should atleast give and devote 5 minutes of time everyday and should try to peep in our innerselves .your write ups are very motivating .What I believe in is ” do not REGRET , if its GOOD ,its wonderfull, if bad then its a lesson ” so the ups and downs in life are great teachers and after every sunset , their is a sunrise …lets hope for the best and atleast we will get better , if not best .looking forward for more from your end !!!!!!!


  5. Very nice blog. Such a good read..It made my day and has given me a lot of strength to face challenges in life with a smile…..


  6. Interesting blog !! I can somehow relate with it completely.. and I hope sun shines soon in everyone’s life.


  7. Simply loved your post!! Do keep writing such great stuff like this.


  8. Pleased to go through your blog. Deep insights and wise inferences, I must applaud you for such good blog.


  9. Life sometimes gives us so many tensions but we should always face them bravely. Happy that you also believe that.


  10. awesoingly awesome !!! ;), though this reminds me of a song

    “Jeewan to gadi hai isko to chalna hai Raahon mein station to aate hain jaate hain
    Gum tera station hai isko to jaana hai Chalta chal khushiyon ka bhi station aana hai”


  11. @Ashish, Pooja, Nitin, Kanika, Praveen, Anil, Rajitha, Sandeep, Mukesh, Abhishek: Thanks for appreciating this post! Your comments have motivated me to write even more. So keep reading!!


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