Change is Constant: Is It?

“Change is Constant.” I’ve heard this phrase many a times in the recent past. You also must have. It silences a chatterbox like me. It baffles me. It leaves me confused. It urges me to think. It encourages me to retrospect. It pushes me to look deep inside me and analyze. And, I did.

Sometimes spending time with yourself is the biggest boon. Peeping into your own conscience and digging out the transformations that your personality has undergone after having been subjected to adversities by the Almighty can bring forth some amazing and unimaginable results. It has happened with me. And, I can bet this can happen with you too.

Change is Constant: Is It?

“Change”…What an incredible word! We all love changes. It’s true. We love to change our gadgets, cars, eating habits, jewelry, furniture and possibly everything that we can imagine. Ask any office-goer, s/he would love to change his/her BOSS, and if pushed even a bit, the next obvious answer is “JOB”.

All this can be taken in stride. But what leaves me perplexed is that people have begun embracing this approach in their personal lives also.

I know I’m “NO” authority to be judgmental about anyone. I’m “NOBODY” to be passing my verdict on this approach yet I’m “SOMEBODY”. We’re not machines. We’re the finest creations of the supernatural power. We’re driven by emotions. No matter how much we try to ape the hip culture and adopt materialistic approach in life, we’re simple human beings at heart.

Then why do people try to fit in this fragment “Change is Constant” in their personal lives. This pesters me. If we probe deeper, we find that this approach is conditional. Do we love our parents? Yes, we all do. Can we change our parents? You’ll say “Raina, Are you insane? This question is silly. We can’t imagine ourselves to be doing this.”  That means here “Change is Constant” is inapplicable (N/A).

Personal relationships, victim of "Change is Constant" approach

My next question to the modern brigade (which I’m very much a part of except on the issue I’m discussing here) is “If not parents, then why this approach for other relationships in your personal life?” Are they less significant? Well, these comrades may have zillions of explanations and logic to support their answers; however, can this be really justified? This suddenly reminds me of the musical afloat in the theaters currently “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

Ours is entirely different generation from that of our parents. Unlike them, our love is less about constancy and more about finding those on the compatible wavelength as us. And in this quest, no wonders, “Changes, changes & some more changes”. Faces change, personalities change and so does our behavior and finally love for the person that we were once crazy about.

As we change, so do our priorities and also the love (except for parents since love for them is constant..Right?) Have we not become fickle minded? Do we really know what we want out of our relationships? Or most importantly, do we really know the meaning of some special words like “LOVE” and “FRIENDSHIP”?

Well as I try to wake up my inner core and distance myself from the slumber of this fake and conditional approach, it’s time for you readers also to join me in this spree and redefine the precious relationships in our lives.

Let us save ourselves from Emotional Bankruptcy!!


5 responses to “Change is Constant: Is It?

  1. Simply loved your Blog!! Each word is purely a reflection of my thoughts..Keep posting!! It’s a treat for us.


  2. Excellent post!! Changes are good everywhere except in the niche of personal relationships..keep posting such quality stuff


  3. hey a well written blog.Infact we all should go for a retrospection and should really give a thought that do we really need a change or else we are doing it or need it or just because others are doing it or else just for the sake of doing it.when we will get an answer to this question that is when we are going to get introduced to ourselves again.


  4. Undoubtedly this is an era of globalisation,modernization and liberalisation however the human beings will remain human beings and should stand by the humanitarian values n principles taught to them in their formative years.lets value the relationships that god has gifted us and save ourselves from getting emotionally drained.


  5. A must read blog for our current generation.looking forward for some more good posts on the same topic.


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