Rain Rain go away!!!

Rain rain go away,

Come again another day.

Little Johnny wants to play;

Rain, rain, go to Spain

Never show your face again!

The moment this nursery rhyme reaches my ears, I get reminded of so many things and that too all of them together. Huge number of people I’ve come across so far in life mispronounce my name or rather jeer me by distorting my name from “Raina” to “Rain”. Flooded streets of Kanpur. My childhood when my granny would encourage me to make paper boats and place them in the rain water gushing down the verandah of my home. And me, puddling in the heavy rains while coming back from the school, humming all latest Bollywood rain songs. Ahhh…sweet memories!

Childhood memories of "Rains"

Gone are those days I guess! Johnny (that’s me!) and rains both are completely transformed now. Johnny is now hundreds of miles away from granny so in a poor state and not able to enjoy the rains without her. Rains (I was taught in school “rain water is the purest form of water.”) have now become “Acid Rains”. One of my friends says he has developed an allergy to “Rains” and that leaves me scratching my head wondering how can such natural gift harm someone so much that he needs to see a doctor.

Delhi/NCR in "Rains"

On the other hand, I somehow agree with him too. Rains today mean invitation to all forms of difficulties and intricacies. Ask any of the office goers. The mere mention of rains during morning time (when we are in hush-hush to rush for our offices) scares the hell out of us. All of a sudden, we get reminded of those conniving villains/vamps at our workplaces, who are always sniffing for a chance to bitch about us and make a one-day incident of reaching office late to the daily occurrence. Thereafter begins our juggle to please our boss and offering him explanations about the choked traffic, water-logged roads & much more as if our boss could not see the situation on those roads and that he landed directly from the chopper on the helipad of our office.

Today was one of those days. I entered the office completely drenched. Fortunately, I didn’t attract eyeballs since I was among the first few ones to arrive at my workplace. More luckily, I reached office before my BOSS, though he’s a chilled out guy and I pray he stays like that.

An SMS from the same friend mentioning about the cloud burst at Noida and a record-breaking torrential pours added to my terror. My friend has succeeded in his mission to horrify me. Congratulations to him!

I won’t leave this opportunity to thank Lord for showering at least some mercy on me, though he didn’t have a kind eye on me and exposed me to real heavy rains in the concrete jungle, Gurgaon where my office is located! I just hope he continues to have some more mercy on me by saving me from the cold & cough, which I’m so prone to catch.

God bless me & all you out there from the rains & associated problems!

No Johnny wants to play in “Acid” rains any more.

                         Rain, rain, go to Spain

                         Never show your face again!


10 responses to “Rain Rain go away!!!

  1. Awesome! I am so madly in love with rains. Reminds of childhood days 🙂


  2. Incredible portrayal of rains in metros..simply awesome write-up


  3. Missing my childhood …What a blog!!! Love the way you’ve weaved your thoughts into words


  4. woww…excellent post Raina!! Your crisp writing abilities and the fun element added to it always increases the joy of reading your blog many times..great work!!


  5. Great post Raina.. After reading the post I feel that your name should ideally have been ‘Rain-na’ !! Btw, this is such a nice picturesque portrayal of rain and its impact on the lives in metros..

    Also, it seems you have some real ‘exotic’ friends.. 😉


  6. must say u have a creative mind 😉


  7. wonderful 🙂 You are one creative gal !


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