Financial Tsunami 2011: Are We Ready to Be Hit Yet Again?

Recession, financial crisis, economic meltdown…aaahhh!!! These jargons give me nightmares. I’m sure each reader reading this blog must also be having the goose bumps at the slight mention of these horrifying terms.

Financial Tsunami..Ohhh No..Not Again!!!

Remember, the infamous financial tsunami of 2008 that had paralyzed almost every business sector across all corners of the globe. Indian economy was no exception then. That same tsunami is once again advancing towards us; even deadlier than the natural tsunami. Yes, you heard it right!

That was the only time I felt that all my friends & I were sailing in the same boat. Round-the-clock heated debates over the global crisis over gtalk chat and mobile phones, the perennial fear whether I’m the next person to be laid off at my office, countless sleepless nights were enough to expose most of us to epileptic attacks. Trust me on this one! Though the last attribute mentioned (sleepless nights) was not applicable to me as I was already working in the night shifts for one of my U.S. clients.

Jokes apart! Once again the horror is right here knocking at the doors of India. No no, no! I’m not saying that. It’s the scores of articles, tweets, blogs, Facebook links which are not sparing us the horror of the global economy taking a downward spiral.

Indian economy & Indians not ready for Financial Dip!!

Asia would be hit harder by a second global crisis, says S&P (Economic Times), And Now Here Comes The Recession Of 2011…(Business Insider) etc . are a just a couple of headlines that have re-transplanted the terror of the financial meltdown.

While penning down my thoughts here, so many emotions are looming up inside. I can’t help venting out the pent up of my emotions. No Indian is ready for a fresh financial crisis. As it is, we have been hit hard by persistently high inflation, policy inertia, weak finances. And last but not the least, multiple scams robbing us of I don’t know many millions or rather billions of rupees—My Mathematical skills are weak there you see! I bet our politicians have the expertise of making the wisest of our mathematicians a run for their money by siphoning off so much money that can cripple the counting abilities of our sharpest brains.

I just can’t stand the fear of hearing the maddening effects of the financial dip like unemployment rolls, consumer spending getting debilitated, stock markets hitting the floors once again.

Let’s all unite once again (as we did during Shri Anna Hazaare ji’s anti-corruption movement) in offering homage and prayers to different Gods we believe in for saving us from this dreadful advances of the financial tsunami as India is not even ready to face a crisis of even much lesser magnitude.


3 responses to “Financial Tsunami 2011: Are We Ready to Be Hit Yet Again?

  1. Perfect presentation of what we think about the recession coming towards us again.


  2. Absolutely Correct…..well written….


  3. I agree with your Financial Tsunami 2011: Are We Ready to Be Hit Yet Again? | Raina Trivedi's Blog, great post.


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