Intersection of Social Computing and Product Innovation

Though the Web trends likeEnterprise2.0 and Cloud Computing might have changed the way we use the Internet, many product developers are still grappling and hunting for some unique processes and techniques to trigger product development performance.

Social computing: Does this really boost product innovation?

With so many big fish in a small pond of product engineering business, competition is fierce. However, the concept of ‘Social Computing’ has given a ray of hope to leverage the bar of product development and innovative performance. Indeed, many players have already eyed on this concept and started using it as a competitive weapon.

The concept of “Social Computing” has incredible potential and is already under use by many product manufacturers to:

  •  Incorporate social computing capabilities with product
  • Leverage open innovation using the collective wisdom of the crowd to invite ideas for new products
  • Gain access to experts in the corporate network
  • Reap advantages along the complete product life cycle
  • Improve and extend product development team collaboration
  • Effectively share product knowledge and know-how
  • To ensure a successful product deployment
  • Engage target audiences
  • Gain faster feedback from the customers
  • Respond to customer queries/complaints in real time
  • Reduce product cycle time and improve speed to market
  • To attain and boost product value
  • Protect product data and intellectual property (IP)
  • Manage corporate engineering assets efficiently
  • Drive corporate profitability

Hence, the concept of “Social Computing” can be rightly considered as a storehouse of tremendous potential, which is already being tapped by many product developers today but waiting to be tapped by many more in the industry for its absolute worth.


4 responses to “Intersection of Social Computing and Product Innovation

  1. Excellent start..fresh perspective & crisp throw of ideas..look forward to see some more interesting stuff from you coming my way


  2. Great read, well-written. Thanks for sharing for writing the great blog info. That’s the great part of “Social Computing” small enterprise can compete global market…


  3. Enterprise2.0 , Cloud computing , SaaS , Social Media are now leader in platform as a service, Using cloud computing tools in lieu of maintaining on-premise equipment can help enterprises reduce their carbon footprint and save on power.Merger and acquisition activity among Indian start-ups is gaining strength in hot sectors, such as cloud computing, ecommerce and mobile workforce. The ideas u have given above are definitly helpful in gaining knowledge and understanding E 2.0 7 Cloud.Look forward to see some more interesting post from you ..


  4. hey cool blog there! Appreciate the way in which you hav put across the concept. Blogs written in such fashion help even a layman to understand the concept in a much easier way. Looking forward for more from your end!!


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